Who Is Angela Maxwell Walker? Everything On Her Age & Wiki

Who Is Angela Maxwell Walker? Everything On Her Age & Wiki

Angela Maxwell, a full-time walker, has traveled nearly the entire circumference of the earth. Find out more about Angela and her adventures below.

Angela Maxwell is an adventurer who wants to circumnavigate the world on foot. She lives off $5 a day.

In fact, Angela survives mostly from her savings and the donations she receives.

Likewise, she also gives away to the people who are in dire need of help.

Who Is Angela Maxwell Walker?

Angela Maxwell, also famous as the ‘woman who walked around the world’, is an adventurer.

Before deciding to navigate the whole world on foot, Angela used to work as a life coach.

Likewise, Angela has also appeared on different programs and events like TED talks.

Maxwell has traveled 20,000 miles, 4 continents, and 14 countries in a span of 6.5 years. However, her journey was not easy. She faced many obstacles on her way.

In fact, she met with a physical attack in Mongolia and Dengue fever in Vietnam.

Discover Angela Maxwell Age and Wiki

Angela Maxwell’s age corresponds to 36 years old.

She started traveling at the age of 26 and has been on this journey for a long time.

You can find Angela’s wiki on her personal website. As a fact, you can even learn more about her journey through it.

Who Are Angela Maxwell Parents and Husband?

Talking about Angela Maxwell’s parents, you can find her mom’s pictures on her Instagram account. Her mom is actively involved in social works and is always eager to help Angela.

The mother-daughter duo loves each other dearly. In fact, Angela’s mom flew all the way from Oregon to DC, so, she could have breakfast with her.

Unfortunately, not much is known about Angela’s other parent, her father.

Angela is not married and doesn’t have a husband. However, she did have a boyfriend.

Maxwell left her boyfriend and her business when she decided to travel the whole world on her foot.

Angela Maxwell Nationality Revealed

Angela was born and raised in Oregon, United States, and is of American nationality.

Despite spending her whole childhood in Oregon, she is currently based in Washington DC.

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