Astrid de Villaines Age Wikipedia: How Old Is She?

Astrid de Villaines Age Wikipedia: How Old Is She?

A renowned journalist, Astrid de Villaines’ age appears to be in her 30s. Find out more about her below.

Astrid de Villaines is a French journalist. She is currently working for The Huffington Post France as the head of the political department.

Astrid has been widely known for her works in political journalism throughout these years. Her incredible work ventures her time with “The Parliamentary Channel,” “Radio Classique,” and “Le Monde.”

Astrid de Villaines Wikipedia: Her Age and Bio Revealed

Astrid de Villaines appears to be in her 30s in age by scanning through her pictures. Meanwhile, we have yet to obtain complete information on her birthday as of now.

Astrid de Villaines’ official bio has yet to make its debut on Wikipedia as of now. Meanwhile, her educational qualifications and professional ventures are recorded on her LinkedIn profile.

She had obtained a Master’s degree in Journalism from the Institut d’études politiques de Lille in 2011. Since then, she has worked in the journalism field in both radio and TV.

She is well-acclaimed for publishing “Harcelées, an investigation in France of violence against women” in 2019.

Meet Astrid de Villaines Husband and Family

Astrid de Villaines has not disclosed the complete insiders on her husband and family as of now. It seems she is very much considerate about her personal life as well as the privacy of her family members in public.

It is quite understandable that she is trying her best to keep them away from the limelight regarding her job as a political journalist.

Follow Astrid de Villaines On Twitter

Astrid de Villaines is active on Twitter under the username @adevillaines, where she has received a verified badge on the side of her profile. She has accumulated over 14k followers on the platform as of now.

Her Twitter feed is dedicated to her work as she often tweets her opinions on the recent political happenings of France and the world.