Big Daddy Graham Net Worth: WIP Legend Death Cause Explored

Big Daddy Graham Net Worth: WIP Legend Death Cause Explored

American comedian Big Daddy Graham has sadly passed away at the age of 68. In order to explore the cause of his death, illness, net worth, and more keep on scrolling through the article below.

Big Daddy Graham was a well-known stand-up comedian, writer, sports radio presenter on 94 WIP-FM in Philadelphia, recording artist, and actor.

In addition, he was born with his real name Edward Gudonis, however, he became popular among his fans and the public with his stage name Big Daddy Graham.

Sadly, the media icon and comedian died at the age of 68 leaving his wife and children behind.

Moreover, he took his last breath on Wednesday evening on the 8th of September 2021.

Learn more about the cause of his death and illness in the following sections.

Big Daddy Graham Net Worth 

According to the Net Worth Post, Big Daddy Graham’s net worth was estimated to be around $850,000 to $ 1 million dollars.

The main source of his great fortune was his successful career as a comedian and radio personality.

Moreover, he was also SportsRadio 94 WIP icon and beloved Philadelphia legend.

In fact, he was able to win a lot of hearts therefore, his well-wishers and admirers are totally devastated over the news of his death.

Big Daddy Graham: Death Cause & Illness Explored

As of now, the actual cause of Big Daddy Graham’s death has not been revealed by the official sources.

However, Big Daddy Graham aka Edward Gudonis had undergone emergency spinal cord surgery in July 2019.

Moreover, he was paralyzed from the waist down after significant damage to his spine.

But the actual cause has not been disclosed yet. We will definitely update this section asap after being confirmed by the official sources.

Big Daddy Graham Daughter Name

Big Daddy Graham and his wife Debbie were blessed with two daughters named Keely and Ava.

Moreover, after the demise of Big Daddy Graham, his legacy at the station is currently seen through his daughter, Ava Graham.

Even though Big Daddy’s impact and accomplishments at 94WIP are numerous, his daughter Ava has been carrying on the legacy of Big Daddy.

In fact, he hosts the morning show each morning.

Big Daddy Graham Funeral

Big Daddy Graham’s close family and friends attended the funeral after his demise.

Moreover, his well-wishers mourned with the family for their great loss. His family received heartfelt condolences and prayer for his departed soul.

Fans also quickly came to social media to express their tribute to the legend.