Brisa Star Qual Idade: Everything To Know About The Singer

Brisa Star Qual Idade: Everything To Know About The Singer

How old is the up-and-coming Brazillian singing sensation Brisa Star? Keep reading to discover her age and Wikipedia bio.

Brisa Star is a Brazil-based singer. She has been popping on the internet for the song If he plays at Passinho.

The song is popular on YouTube, with over 44 million views. Before that, she was doing pretty good numbers but not as good as that.

An up-and-coming artist, Star doesn’t have a lot under her catalog. However, some of her songs include Vem pro Meu Piseiro, and Salva Me, among others. 

Brisa is getting a lot of clout with her recent release. The clout has allowed her to get the perfect start to her career.

Critically acclaimed, her songs are mostly loved by the young ones. She is quickly rising to be a prominent artist.

Brisa Star Qual Idade : How Old Is She?

Brisa Star’s age (Idade) is about 14 years old.

Apparently, she was born in 2007, in the city of Ibiaí-MG, as Brisa Rocha Ladislau Da Conceição.

Considering Brisa’s recent rise in fame, it is surely surprising to know that she is so young. Although young, she has put numbers that artists double her age can’t do. 

Brisa Star Wikipedia

Brisa Star’s parents are Uelita and Juninho Pirado.

Her mother is a teacher, while her father is a singer/songwriter of the trio Kassanikeo. Apparently, her mother found out about her musical talents when she was imitating the voices of several famous singers.

And noticing this fact, Brisa’s father took her to a recording routine to participate in the song “dancing” authored by him in 2018. Her come-up to music is like a fairy tale in itself. She participated live in the recording of a promotional CD in 2019. 

On 20 August 2020, she released her first original song, it plays no passinho, with the singer Tj Thiago Jhonathan.

However, the big break came as her song, Se play no passinho, recorded in 2020, went viral on the social network tik tok, being the most played song of Brasil.

Brisa Star Instagram

Brisa is on Instagram with 321k followers.

Meanwhile, with her successful songs, the young musician has over 2.5 million monthly listeners on the streaming platform Spotify. Not only that, but she also has 405k subscribers on YouTube.

Brisa did her first performance on TV on 18 July 2021.