Camaryn Swanson Ethnic Background: Tyga Ex Girlfriend Age & Birthday Revealed

Camaryn Swanson Ethnic Background: Tyga Ex Girlfriend Age & Birthday Revealed

What ethnic background does the successful entrepreneur Camaryn Swanson come from? Here is all the information that you need to know about her.

Camaryn Swanson is a successful entrepreneur who is well-known for her clothing line’s distinctive design and current aesthetic throughout the United States.

She gained popularity after getting into a relationship with Tyga aka Micheal Ray Stevenson in February 2021.

Tyga is a rapper, songwriter, and vocalist from the United States.

Camaryn has already established a reputation for herself in the business world at such a young age.

Tyga and Camaryn Swanson’s romance became public after the rapper published photographs of his visits to various locations with Camaryn Swanson.

It quickly became a topic of conversation in the media, and his supporters reacted quickly.

Camaryn Swanson Ethnic Background 

Camaryn Swanson’s ethnic background is white-American, and she practices Jewish.

Camaryn Swanson was born in her birthplace of Miami Beach, Florida, to her father James Todd Swanson, and mother Nicole Ciavatto Swanson.

Her father, James, was the president of Palm Wholesalers in 2003.

Nicole graduated from J.P. Travella High School in 1992.

She went on to Florida State University after that. Later, she worked for the firm Camelle Miami as a designer and owner.

In addition, she studied fashion design at the American College of Dubai.

Camaryn has a younger sibling, according to her relatives.

Elle Swanson, her younger sister, went to Miami Country Day School.

Camaryn Swanson Age And Birthday Exposed

Camaryn Swanson’s present age is 22 years old.

Camaryn celebrates her birthday on January 25th.

She was born in the year 1999 in Miami Beach, Florida.

Her zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Women born under the sign of Aquarius are truthful, inquisitive, creative, and philanthropic.

Tyga, her lover, is also 31 years old. However, their 9-year age gap is nothing to them because they are united by love.

Camaryn is still a young woman, but she has already established a reputation for herself via her profession and the company she runs.

Elle Swanson, her 18-year-old sister, helped her launch the company.

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