Who Is Chukwuemeka Emmanuel? Rapist Nurse Convicted – Age & Sentence

Who Is Chukwuemeka Emmanuel? Rapist Nurse Convicted – Age & Sentence

Who is Chukwuemeka Emmanuel? To know everything about the former male nurse who raped his patient, keep reading.

Chukwuemeka Emmanuel is a former nurse best known for sexually assaulting a female patient.

His trial was on 1 December 2021, and the date for the sentencing is 27 January of next year. The offender is from Overland Park.

Who Is Chukwuemeka Emmanuel?

Chukwuemeka Emmanuel is a man who a Jackson County judge found guilty of rape charges.

The 37-year-old performed the deeds in 2019 while working at an Independence hospital as a nurse. A Centerpoint Hospital female patient told police that a male nurse raped her. The police later found Chukwuemeka as the assaulter.

Doctors had subjected the patient to morphine and other narcotics for pain relief during the incident. And Emmanuel was cleaning her. The victim told the man to stop, but he didn’t.

The prosecutors requested a bond of $100 thousand at that time.

Another nurse of that hospital with whom the offender was in a relationship told that he had plans to escape to Nigeria because of the rape accusations. 

Despite Emmanuel’s criminal act, there isn’t much about him online. He stayed out of the spotlight before this incident. Even his social media presence remains hidden, so is his other private matters including, his educational qualifications, professional background, and family.

Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Charges And Sentence

For Chukwuemeka Emmanuel’s 2019 crime, he got first-degree rape or attempted rape charges.

The Jackson Co. Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker mentioned that a bench trial on Wednesday, December 1, convicted him of the charges.

As for the sentence, Chukwuemeka will get it on 27 January 2022. Nonetheless, in Missouri state, attempted rape and first-degree rape are felonies for which the convict will serve life imprisonment to a term not less than five years or ten years to life in prison.