Video: Who is Clifford Owensby? Ohio Cops Dragging Paraplegic Man

Video: Who is Clifford Owensby? Ohio Cops Dragging Paraplegic Man

Who is Clifford Owensby? Find out about the paraplegic man the Ohio Police dragged out on the video.

 Clifford Owensby was pulled over by the Dayton Police and dragged out of his vehicle violently by the two police officers. The incident was captured by the bodycam of the police officers.

The video is currently trending on all social media platforms. Similarly, people have taken over the internet and raised voices regarding police brutality.

Who Is Clifford Owensby?

Clifford Owensby is a paraplegic man who was dragged out of his car by the Ohio Police when he refused to exit his vehicle. He was stopped at a traffic stop on Grand Avenue in Dayton.

Police stopped him and due to his history, which includes drug charges, they were going to get a K-9 for a free air smell. When Clifford shares them about his disability, the officers offer to help him get out but he refuses and calls someone on the phone to came with cameras.

The 11-minute video from the police body cam is trending on social media. Many have taken up on social media to raise voices on police brutality against black men and 

Where Is Clifford Owensby From? Meet His Wife And Family

Clifford Owensby is from Ohio. 

However, his details are not available on the web. We have no information regarding his wife and family.

We hope to update it soon.

Video: Ohio Cops Dragging Paraplegic Man On Facebook And Reddit

The video of Ohio Police dragging a paraplegic man out of his car went viral on Facebook, Reddit, and other social media platforms.

The interim chief of the Dayton Police Department and Dayton’s City Manager has promised a thorough review of the case. An 11-minute police bodycam footage obtained from the Dayton Police Department shows the encounter between Owensby and the police officers.

The Police Officer asked Clifford to step out of the vehicle but he denied the request. He explained that he was paraplegic and could not get out without help. In response, the officer offered to help him get out but Owensby refused and threatened the officer with the lawsuit if he touched him.

They went back and forth for a while until the officer yanked him out of his car. The video shows Owensby screaming for help and asking someone to record what was happening.