Dababy Lost His Diamond Ring Worth $20,000 Post an Ugly Fall From The Stage: Is He Hurt?

Dababy Lost His Diamond Ring Worth $20,000 Post an Ugly Fall From The Stage: Is He Hurt?

Dababy Lost His Ring Worth $20,000: Fell Off The Stage – Is He Hurt? Get all the latest updates on the hip-hop stars here below!

Dababy recently made his comeback among his fans through a Las Vegas concert on Sunday.

He was canceled last year over his homophobic rant at Rolling Loud Miami. Even so, his loyal fans are happy to see him back in action.

In the middle of the concert, he tumbled outside from the stage and got his shirt ripped by his fans.

Here’s what happened to him!

Dababy Lost His Ring Worth $20,000: He Fell Off The Stage Details

Dababy nearly lost his $20,000 ring when he fell off the stage last night.

The news of the rapping losing his expensive ring has bombarded the internet and social media for many reasons.

Rest assured, a female fan of his returned the ring after she found it. 

Dababy was considerate and asked her to put on his finger as he invited her on the stage.

To be precise, when Dababy fell off the stage and got his shirt ripped, he lost his ring when he took off his shirt.

The arena’s security put off a thorough search until the unnamed female fan came forward and found the ring.

She gave it to the security team, and she was rewarded heartily by the rapper.

Meanwhile, some netizens jokingly said that she should have tossed it in her wig or purse instead of returning it.

Likewise, the other half argued that the rapper should have awarded her some money to find his jewel.

Is Dababy Hurt?

Dababy is not hurt after falling off the stage. He is alright and kicking as he is delighted to have found his $20,000 ring.

No serious medical issues have been revealed from the stage so far.

Follow Dababy On Instagram

Dababy, the American rapper, can be traced down on Instagram under the username @dababy with a verified tick on the side of the profile.

The “Babysitter” rapper is about to hit the 20 million benchmark on the platform very soon.

Considering his peak popularity since 2019, he is known for his rap music and last year’s homophobic rant.

Even so, he has still maintained his influence among his fans worldwide as he has a whopping fan following on most of his social media handles.