Who Is Daisy Marler? Everything About Joe Marler Wife

Who Is Daisy Marler? Everything About Joe Marler Wife

Joe Marley’s wife Daisy Marley is really a wonderful mother and wife. Scroll down to know about the rugby player’s wife. 

Daisy Marler is the wife of professional rugby player Joe Marler. Her husband recently went viral after drop-kicking an inflatable bear donning a Bristol shirt. 

Furthermore, Joe Marler has been a quality player for his team Harlequins and has helped the team win the premiership title two times. 

In addition, he has also explored writing and is currently running a podcast show. He had retired from rugby back in September 2018. In fact, he was known to have depression and was helped out by his wife Daisy through the rough phase of life. 

Who Is Daisy Marler?

Daisy Marler is the wife of professional rugby player Joe Marler.

As every wife, Daisy has always been a supportive figure in her husband’s life. In fact, the couple is believed to be together for almost a decade now. 

However, the exact date of their wedding is not publicized yet. 

We are very happy to inform you that the couple is blessed with three lovely children. Their names are Japer Marler, Maggie Marler, and Felix Marler. 

In fact, the couple’s third child was born just before the World Cup began in 2019, as reported by Mirror

Furthermore, Daisy is a full-time mother and helps her husband stay on the top of his game and career. Moreover, she has been thanked by her husband on several occasions for helping him through the tough states of his life. 

Joe Marler Wife’s Age & Wikipedia

Daisy Marler’s age is believed to be somewhere between 25 and 30 years old. However, it is just an assumption based on her recent pictures and appearances. 

Moreover, the player’s wife has not revealed her date of birth yet. So, her zodiac sign also cannot be known. Meanwhile, her husband is 30 years old. 

Daisy Marler Net Worth

Daisy Marler’s exact net worth is not known to us yet. She has not revealed any details about her financial status on the internet.

However, the woman is well known to be the wife of a professional rugby player and should obviously be having a share of the fortune of her husband, Joe Marler. 

Furthermore, Joe Marler is believed to have an estimated net worth of $30 million. 

You can follow Daisy on her Instagram account that has 181 followers. Her IG handle name is @daisymarler. However, she has kept her account private. Maybe, she wants to keep things about herself private and away from the chaos of social media. She has shared a total of 166 posts with her followers. 

On the other hand, Joe Marler is also seen on Instagram and has a huge 197K followers. He has shared 162 posts with his fans.