Who Is Demetric Felton From Cleveland Browns? Parents Salary & Girlfriend Revealed

Who Is Demetric Felton From Cleveland Browns? Parents Salary & Girlfriend Revealed

American footballer Demetric Felton’s parents, are Demetric Sr and Lennette Felton. Let’s get to know the athlete better.

Demetric Felton, Jr., born July 16, 1998, is an American football running back for the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League (NFL). He scored his first career touchdown against the Houston Texans not long ago. After his performance in the contest, he has gotten a lot more attention.

The Cleaveland Browns selected him as the 211th overall pick of the 2021 NFL Draft.

He has also signed a four-year contract with the club as a result of his selection.

Despite the fact that he was a wide receiver in college, he is starting the games as a running back. Cleveland fans have been blown away by his performances thus far.

Who Are Demetric Felton Parents: Meet His Father and Mother

Demetric Felton is an American footballer whose parents are Demetric Sr and Lennette Felton. He spent his childhood in Memphis, Tennessee, with his family.

Demesha and Devonaye are the two sisters in his family, are his siblings.

Throughout his upbringing, his father was a huge supporter of his career progress.

Demetric Sr. has been a huge inspiration for him as a father since he has never discouraged his son’s goal.

Demetric Felton Age And Height

Demetric Felton Jr, aged 23-year-old is a running back.

He was raised in Memphis, Tennessee, where he was born.

Despite spending his childhood in his native country, he graduated from high school in Temecula, California.

Felton’s height stands 5 feet 9 inches tall, and he has a muscular frame. He is roughly 189 pounds, which makes him a highly capable running back.

Demetric Jr has been a football fan since he was seven years old. He had always aspired to be an American football player and play in the National Football League.

It’s no wonder that he has accomplished his goal with such vigor. Cleaveland Brown has offered him a four-year contract.

Demetric Felton Salary: How Much Does He Earn

His total salary, including a signing bonus and guaranteed, is $3,641,140, according to his contract.

After all, his annual compensation in 2021 will be $910,285.

His net worth is still being calculated. We can estimate his worth to be in the millions based on our best assessment.

Demetric Felton Girlfriend

Demetric Felton‘s girlfriend has been the most curious thing as a renowned athlete. 

His supporters are growing impatient as he refuses to share any posts with his girlfriend.