Who Is Derrion Dmuney Childs? Memphis Comedian Killed – Disney

Who Is Derrion Dmuney Childs? Memphis Comedian Killed – Disney

Memphis-based comedian Derrion Dmuney Childs was shot to death after reportedly insulting rapper Young Dolph. Let’s learn more about the comedian’s murder along with details on his age and wife.

Derrion Childs aka Dmuney was a comedian based in Memphis.

He was recently killed after celebrating the death of rapper Young Dolph. 

The comedian reportedly dissed Young Dolph online, which generated instant backlash from the rapper’s followers.

Dmuney eventually took down the post but it was too late by then. No arrests have yet been made and authorities haven’t identified any suspects.

Who Is Derrion Dmuney Childs? Memphis Comedian Killed 

Derrion Childs, who was also known as Derrion Disney Childs, was an American comedian from Memphis. 

Childs became a target of online hate after sharing an inappropriate joke about Young Dolph’s murder.

He was shot in the streets of Memphis. As per eyewitness sources, the shooters fired with machine guns, killing Dmuney and injury many others.

Police have not yet identified any suspects in the case.

Derrion Childs AKA Dmuney Age & Wikipedia

Derrion Dmuney died at a very young age. He should not have been more than 20-25 years old.

Meanwhile, his official age and birthday details are not available for now.

Considered an affiliate of Yo Gotti, Derrion was an amateur comedian from Memphis. He mostly shared his content on Instagram, where he has around 16k followers.

Further, Dmuney also has a considerable following on Facebook, where he goes as Derrion Dmuney Childs. 

Did Derrion Dmuney Childs Have A Wife Or Girlfriend?

Derrion Childs appeared to be too young to have a wife. On the other hand, his social media also showed no signs of a girlfriend.

Derrion mostly spent time hanging out with his friends or making comedy videos. Alternatively, he could also be dating a girlfriend in a low-key relationship.

For now, Dmuney’s relationship status remains unknown.

Derrion Dmuney Killed: Cause Of Death

Derrion Dmuney passed away on November 24, 2021, leaving behind a loving family.

He was shot multiple times in the streets of Memphis, his hometown.

While the motive behind Derrion’s murder is believed to be a revenge ploy for Young Dolph’s death, an official announcement hasn’t been made yet.