Did Jason Carter Kill His Mom, Was He Found Guilty? Murder Trial Case On “Accused Guilty Or Innocent”

Did Jason Carter Kill His Mom, Was He Found Guilty? Murder Trial Case On “Accused Guilty Or Innocent”

No, Jason Carter did not kill his mom but was falsely accused by his father and brother according to the latest murder trial.

Jason Carter is a man who faced allegations of murdering his own mom. His father Bill and brother Billy Carter won a verdict in the year 2017 where they were to be paid $10 million as per the order of a jury in a civil trial. 

It is a family murder trial where Shirley Carter was found shot to death in her Lacona home. The investigation followed and its credibility is what has been questioned over the years. Numerous events took place after the death including the innocence of Jason. Let’s find out more.

Murder Trial: Did Jason Carter Kill His Mom

As per the recent murder trial, Jason carter did not kill his mom Shirley. He was accused by a jury in 2017 of shooting her to death and her brother and father won the verdict claiming $10 million.

In 2019, the case again went on trial and this time around the jury found Jason not guilty. To this the steps taken by him were huge. He sued his father, brother, and the court for falsely accusing him of first-degree murder. 

He accused Mark Ludwick, criminal investigation agent of handling the case naively and withholding the piece of evidence that supported his innocence. 

Was Jason Carter Found Guilty? Innocent Or Guilty Verdict

Jason Carter was found guilty at the beginning of the trial but when the Iowa Supreme court upheld the verdict in 2019, the new set of the jury found him innocent. However, the verdict regarding the case is still delayed. 

Glenn Downey, the lawyer who is representing Carter said that it has been a tiring process but is hopeful for good news. He will also be demanding proof from the investigators on the grounds of civil discovery.

Facebook Photos: Jason Carter Wikipedia And Age

Despite being part of one of the most talked-about cases, Jason Carter is yet to feature on Wikipedia. There is very little information available regarding his educational background and profession. 

His mother was Shirley Carter who was shot to death and his father was Bill Carter who also apparently died. Further, he has a brother named Billy Carter.

Talking about Jason Carter’s age, he seems to be in the ’50s and his Facebook profile is not available at the moment.

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