Did Nick Avocado Die? Age, Weight And Death News: Is He Still Alive?

Did Nick Avocado Die? Age, Weight And Death News: Is He Still Alive?

The first American man to participate in the trend, Nick Avocado, is known for his mukbang videos. Is he dead? Read on to find more. 

Nicholas Perry, aka Nick Avocado, is an American internet celebrity who rose to fame in 2016 after his mukbang videos gained 50,000 views in a couple of weeks. 

So, when the reports began to flood on social media about his death, people were shocked and curious to explore if the news was really true or not?

Death News: Did Nick Avocado Die?

The rumors on Nick Avocado’s death are entirely false, as there are no such reports of the internet celebrity’s death published on the online media. 

Following the viral success of his mukbang videos, Nick has managed to garner whopping subscribers in his YouTube channel. 

When he was just five years old, Nick was diagnosed with depression. Since then, he has been receiving various interventions and therapy sessions. 

Similarly, he started his anti-depressants at the age of seven years. In addition, he was also diagnosed with OCD and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. 

Nick Avocado Age: How Old Is He?

A Ukraine native, Nich Avocado is currently 29 years of age, as he was born in May 1992. As an infant, Nick was adopted by an American family and later moved to the United States. 

Before being an internet celebrity, Nick majored in acting in college and was a classically trained violinist. While pursuing his career as a freelance violinist, he worked at The Home Depot. 

A Look At Nick Avocado Weight Journey

In the year 2021, Nich Avocado revealed his weight and said he was around 340 lbs. He additionally gained double his weight after he started his YouTube channel. 

Before the fame, Nick was a skinny boy, who had a weight of 150 lbs; but after he started his mukbang videos, Nick’s weight increased rapidly with the amount of food he consumed during the recording of the video. 

Is Nick Avocado Still Alive Or Dead?

To the public knowledge, Nick Avocado is still alive and well at the time of writing this article. He, however, made his last Instagram post two weeks ago.

It is believed that Nick was given death threats by one of his fans when he decided to leave the Vegan community. 

Furthermore, Nick has made a name for himself in the extreme-eating vlogger community with over 3 million subscribers across his various YouTube Channels. 

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Last Modified: January 18, 2022

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