What Is “Dodge This Manga” TikTok? Anime Trend and Videos

What Is “Dodge This Manga”  TikTok? Anime Trend and Videos

Recently a trend in TikTok, Dodge This Manga, is being popular day by day. Continue reading this article to explore the videos.

TikTok has become a go-to place for over a billion people to be amused, inspired, and connect.

It’s a platform where users can upload videos and receive likes, comments, and affection from their followers. Some users stay live on the network in order to connect with their audience and communicate with them.

Many notable TikTok trends include the Helicopter, Garlic in the Nose, and others are available. Dodge This Manga is one of the most recent trends.

What Is “Dodge This Manga” TikTok? Anime Trend and Videos

Dodge this manga is a trend in which anime music is utilized to create a variety of videos.

The majority of TikTok users include anime images, videos, or outlets in their films, while some are content to post a video of their ordinary life with the sound.

@rambling_rants #duet with @artofjoshua tbh I’m impressed ppl made fan art this fast😭#greenscreen #dodgethis #manga #fanart #anitok ♬ original sound – -{-Renegade-}-

Regardless, this anime craze is being leveraged to create a manga-style dodgeball game. The ball can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but it is most commonly red in color.

Given the rising popularity of this trend, as well as other emerging trends, TikTok may soon be ranked among the most significant social networking apps. Regardless, TikTok has never failed to amuse us.

Dodge This Manga Original Anime Trend Compilation.

Dodge This Manga is a TikTok trend started by a user named @renegade._.ren. He used the caption Version 1 in his debut video! Please feel free to make use of it.

@renegade._.ren version 1! feel free to use it! #fypシ #fy #foryou #yourlieinapril #anime #music #kimidayokiminandayo #sadedits #edits #editsounds #cry #weeb #hi ♬ original sound – -{-Renegade-}-

In the video, he utilized anime music, and people are making their own videos to the soundtrack.

Ren has also developed a second version of the video, although the original is being praised and promoted by the crowd.

The sound was then utilized by user @artofjoshua, who said, “Who knew I’d have my own manga when I was a senior?” He used anime-style dodgeball in the video, with the hashtag #dodgethis.

@artofjoshua Who’s hyped? #manga #anime #dodgeball #dodgethis #art #artist #comic #comicartist #ink #animeartist ♬ original sound – -{-Renegade-}-

Since then, the fad has gained traction on Tiktok, with users creating movies based on the sound.

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