Does Antwain Fowler Have Cancer? Health Condition – Age, Mother & Parents

Does Antwain Fowler Have Cancer? Health Condition – Age, Mother & Parents


Antwain Fowler, the six-year-old whose video “Where are we about to eat?” went viral, died at the age of six after a five-year fight with autoimmune disease.

Antwain Lee Fowler is the boy who went viral has died of complications from his autoimmune disease at the age of 6 years old.

He became famous two years ago when his mother aired a short video in which she chastised him for being a spendthrift when it came to eating.

“You got some cheese I can eat,” Antwain responds to the suggestion, startling his mother in the greatest possible way.

The six-year-old child died on November 21, 2021, in the PICU Unite where they had been placed since the beginning of the month.

He was unable to absorb nutrients and fluids due to an unusual condition, and he did not consume anything he was given.

As a result of an AIE consequence, youngsters suffer from severe diarrhea and high fever, necessitating a supply of IV medication.

Does Antwain Fowler Have Cancer? Her Health Condition

On November 21, 2021, Antwain Lee Fowler, the 6-year-old Instagram viral child, was confirmed dead after his health condition got worst.

He suffered from AIE that stands for Auto-Immune Enteropathy, which affects the gut and causes severe diarrhea and inadequate digestion.

Lee was admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit on November 1, 2021, because of AIE, and was given regular intravenous (IV) infusions to help him digest his food.

His body couldn’t metabolize any food or even water, and his immune system was severely weakened.

Antwain Fowler Age

Antawain Lee Fowler died in 2015 at the age of 6, after being diagnosed with deadly AIE.

On November 21, 2021, he died in the PICU Unit after losing his battle against Cancer.

The 6-year-old viral child was adored for his naive comments and learning methods, which were obvious in his mother’s recordings.

Antwain Fowler Mother And Parents

Antwain Lee Fowler’s parents are unknown, however, according to accounts, he was born to an African-American mother and an American father.

Lee was diagnosed with the condition in July 2015, according to his devoted mother.

Lee’s mother has always been there for him, caring for him both during and after his procedures.

Lee’s mother originally shared a brief Instagram video of Lee requesting cheese while making a remark about his spending habits.

The video was promoted and went popular on social media, with the mother offering updates in the form of a second video in which Lee was watching his picture being captured on camera.