Does Daniel Henney Have A Wife? Rumored Link Up With Ru Kumagai Explored

Does Daniel Henney Have A Wife? Rumored Link Up With Ru Kumagai Explored

Does Daniel Henney Have A Wife? Get to untangle all the link-up rumors of him with the actress Ru Kumagai here below!

Daniel Henney is the Asian heartthrob in Hollywood.

Known for his dreamy looks and his exceptional acting talent, he is one of the most-loved Asian characters portraying actors in America.

Prominent in Hollywood, the South Korean biz industry, and the Chinese acting industry, Henney is a global star.

Seducing Mr. Perfect, My Father, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Shanghai Calling, The Last Stand, and One Night Surprise are some of his highest-grossing movies.

Does Daniel Henney Have A Wife? 

Daniel Henney does not have a wife as he is not married yet.

Throughout his many years of being a celebrity, he is not reported to be married.

The actor has dedicated himself to the camera and his characters in his projects.

With his alluring looks and talent, it is pretty unbelievable that Henney is an unmarried man.

Countless of his female fans hope to marry him someday and live happily; however, the character of Dr. Henry Kim, portraying actor, has not given his heart to anyone.

Though he has been rumored to have gotten married in a secret ceremony, any official confirmation on the claims is not on display.

Being an international star, rumors and theories on one’s personal life is quite a challenging task to deal with.

Even so, Henney is seen as very happy with his work schedule and his pet dogs, per his Instagram handle.

Daniel Henney often comes under the link-up rumors with the Japanese-American actress Ru Kumagai.

The stories started in 2018 when the two actors were spotted together. 

Moreover, the rumors went as far as the two getting married secretly when Kumagai was spotted with a ring on her ring finger.

However, Allkpop reports that the agency of Henney confirmed the two were just friends.

The rumors of their marriage were baseless as the actors were only friends. They just happened to be spotted together in a friendly gathering.

Throughout Henney’s celeb career, he is mainly linked with Kumagai even as of today.

Meanwhile, the identity of Henney’s lover is still not on display.

It seems the actor is keen on keeping his personal life away from the public and enjoying it privately.