Who Is Dominic Green? Lexi Brumback Boyfriend – Is He Transgender?

Who Is Dominic Green? Lexi Brumback Boyfriend – Is He Transgender?

Dominic Green has been in a relationship with Lexi Brumback for many years. Who is Dominic Green? Let’s find more about Lexi Brumback’s boyfriend.

Dominic Green is a well-known pansexual trans man from the United States: where he usually gets into the limelight in the media regarding his love relation with famous cheerleader Lexi Brumback. In particular, people admire him for his choice of being an openly trans man. 

Moreover, he gets into the spotlight when people find that he engaged with gorgeous cheer star Lexi Brumback in mid-2019. Further, people have been searching for his biography on the internet when the second season of the Netflix docuseries Cheer hits the web on January 12, 2022.

Who Is Dominic Green? Lexi Brumback Boyfriend

Dominic Green is the famous pansexual trans man from the United States: where he is best known as the boyfriend of cheerleader Lexi Brumback. Dominic used to be an average teen girl before turning into a trans man, where he got surgery to turn into a trans man from a girl some years back.

He often speaks for the trans community via his social platform and appeals for change in society. According to a different source, he belongs to a Christian family, where his parent got divorced a few years back when he was just a teen.

Is Dominic Green Transgender? Sexuality Explored

Dominic Green is a Transgender who stepped down to walk on this path when he was just 12 years, where he shared his desire of being the trans man with his mother. In particular, he started his gender transition therapy at the age of sixteen, where he shared the process on TikTok. 

He got his gender transition surgery at the age of 18, where he also got some financial support from his fan since 2015. In particular, he had started a gofundme campaign, where he had asked his fans to support him for surgery.

Dominic Green Age & Wiki Explored

Dominic Green is running at the age of 22: where he was born on April 27, 1999. He is older than Lexi Brumback, and her exact birth date was on January 11, 2000. Dominic is yet to figure on the official page of Wikipedia, where we can have some of his information for other web pages.

Further, he is active on a different social platform, including Instagram: where his user Id is @lolhidominic on his Instagram.