Dan Marino Secret Affair and Daughter Chloe, Where Is Donna Savattere Now?

Dan Marino Secret Affair and Daughter Chloe, Where Is Donna Savattere Now?

The result of the Dan Marino Affair has left the former footballer with the adoption of his illegitimate child after 15 years. Stick with this article to find out more.

NFL star Dan Marino born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is finding himself in a position to make his squeaky-clean image maintained.

Dan Marino Jr is a former American football quarterback who has played a total of 17 seasons in the National Football League. He has been special advisor for the Miami  Dolphins since 2014.

In January 2013, the former quarterback admitted that he had adopted his child back from his affair with Donna Salvatore. Donna Savattere is the mother of Dan Marion’s child.

Donna Savattere And Dan Marino Affair Explained

Eight years ago, this story was covered by The New York Post.

The former American Football Quarterback player Dan Marino dated Donna when she was working in American commercial broadcast television and radio network CBS where the both had affairs. 

Despite being married, Marino had a secret relationship with Donna. In 2003, Donna was working as a production assistant for the company while Dan was a pre-game analyst. 

Donna Savattere gave birth to their daughter named Chloe back in the year 2005.

Dan mentioned that he has paid millions of dollars to his ex-lover Donna to keep this news away from the public but the news got public as not expected. 

Where Is Donna Savattere Now? Age Revealed 

Donna and her husband Nahill Younis now live in the Posh neighborhood in a $3.4 million house along with daughter Chloe. The three have been living as a family together since 2009. 

Former ex-girlfriend of Dan Marino Donna is now in her 40s.

Donna Savattere Daughter Chloe And Husband 

Donna Savattere is currently married to Nahill Younis. The couple was married after they knew each other in the Bahamas i.e. four years later after giving birth to the daughter of Marino. After some time, the couple got married and still are together. 

Their daughter Chloe was put under the limelight and far away from the public but things changed and the matter was soon public.

Papa Dan Mario, who already has children with his wife, still handled the situation and took full responsibility for the financial and personal matters for his daughter Chloe. 

Chloe Savattere is now 16 years old and lives with her mother. 

What Is Donna Savattere Net Worth?

Donna Savattere inherited millions from the former NFL star Dan Marino in the name of child support and to keep things private between them.

It is estimated that Donna has a total net worth of $5 million to $10 million.