Dozi New Girlfriend: Is He Dating Tanya From Op My Eish?

Dozi New Girlfriend: Is He Dating Tanya From Op My Eish?

South African musician Dozi and his rumored girlfriend Tanya from “Op My Eish!” appear close to each other. But, the two haven’t confirmed if they are indeed dating.

Dozi is a web sensational South African musician who released his first album Mercy back in 1999.

The album was so well received that many predicted a long career in the music business for him – and that has been the case.

On an interesting note, Dozi became the missing link between black and white South Africans when he was asked to perform traditional Afrikaans songs in Zulu on the popular Afrikaans television program, Noot vir Noot.

As one of the only few Caucasian multilingual male South African singers, he became the missing link between black and white South Africans.

Surprisingly, Dozi became an instant phenomenon with the success of his debut Afrikaans album, Op Aanvraag in 2000, which sold over 100,000 copies.

He released a slew of albums after that, and he’s only gotten better.

Dozi New Girlfriend After Split From Third Wife

As of now, we can’t have the proper idea about Dozi’s new girlfriend.

However, Dozi AKA Henk Opperman got splited with his third wife, Kim Viljoen.

On different notes, Dozi is more known these days for his renowned live music venue, Back to the Roots in Hartebeespoort Dam.

Every week, the venue features some of the country’s top performers, and it has subsequently become a popular weekend hangout spot for many.

Moreover, they stayed together for just a year.

Is Dozi Dating Tanya From Op My Eish?

It remains unclear if Dozi is dating Elish from Op My Eish.

Looking at some web portals’ reports, they are close to each other.

We can find Dozi on Instagram under the username @diedozigram where he is followed by over 6K users.

In the same way, he has already uploaded over 800 posts and he has been following over 770 users on Instagram

Looking at his Instagram bio, he is a recording artist, singer, musician, graphic designer, Aries,  and farm boy by profession.