Who Is Evan Dick? Everything To About The Investor Going To Space

Who Is Evan Dick? Everything To About The Investor Going To Space

Evan Dick is one of six people who will travel to space as part of Blue Origin’s next mission, the New Shepard. Here are some crucial facts about him. 

The crew for New Shepard’s 19th mission, which is planned to launch at the beginning of next month, has been confirmed by Blue Origin. Two honored guests and four paying customers make up the crew. 

Following the revelation, several people are wondering who investor Evan Dick is, as he is one of four paying passengers on the forthcoming space voyage.

Who Is Evan Dick? Investor Going To Space 

Evan Dick is the Managing Member of Dick Holdings, LLC and an engineer, and investor.  As part of Blue Origin’s newest mission, the New Shepard, he is one of six sets of sets who will travel to space.

Similarly, along with Voyager Space CEO Dylan Taylor, Bess Ventures founder Lane Bess, and his son Cameron Bess, he is one of the four paying clients. They’ll be joined by two honorary guests: Laura Shepard Churchley, daughter of American space pioneer Alan Shepard, and Michael Strahan of Good Morning America.

Interstingly, the entire crew was revealed on Tuesday, November 23rd, and they are scheduled to go into space on Thursday, December 9th. According to the Inverse, a ticket to space as part of New Shepard’s next mission is projected to cost millions of dollars. A seat on Blue Origin’s first crewed aircraft sold for $28 million.

Evan Dick Age And Wikipedia Blue Origin Explored 

Evan Dick’s current age, based on his looks, is considered to be between 45 and 50 years old. However, his exact age and date of birth have not been divulged at this time.

As per his Blue Origin bio, the New Shepard crew member is claimed to have previously worked for financial company D.E. Shaw and Highbridge Capital Management.

Likewise, the investor is also identified as a managing member of Dick Holdings LLC, which is in the management of firms and enterprises sector.

Evan also contributes to the Darwin Foundation and Population Relief International Corp. as a charity donor. Evan is a volunteer for Starfighters Aerospace and an ATP-rated pilot, as well as an active sailor and motorcyclist.

Who Is Evan Dick Wife? 

The personality of Evan Dick’s wife has yet to be disclosed.

However, we do know that, his son Cameron Bess, is also one of four paying clients who will travel on the forthcoming space mission.