How Old Is Ezekiel Goodman? Everything To Know About The Actor

How Old Is Ezekiel Goodman? Everything To Know About The Actor

Ezekiel Goodman, age 25-28, is getting high praise for his performance in “I Know What You Did Last Summer (2021)”. Let’s learn more about the American actor and explore his Wikipedia. 

Ezekiel Goodman, also known as Zeke Goodman, is an American-born actor born and raised in Hawaii, USA. 

The aspiring actor has featured in many series before finally getting his break in the Hollywood movies. 

In over eight years of his professional acting career, Ezekiel has undoubtedly earned respect and appreciation from fans. 

Ezekiel Goodman Age 

Ezekiel Goodman’s age appears to be 25-28 years old. 

The actor has maintained his privacy by not disclosing his exact date of birth to the media. 

However, looking at his career trajectory, he seems to be in his late 20s. 

He was lured into acting at an early age and convinced his parents he would make a career in this industry. 

By the age of 16, Ezekiel had already done many theater acts and always used to perform in his high school. 

Ezekiel Goodman Height 

Ezekiel Goodman’s height is five ft. 8 inches tall. 

His slim and lean body totally complements his personality. The actor looks very young for his age, thanks to his charming and energetic persona. 

Talking about his weight, he weighs around 158 kg (150 lbs).

Ezekiel Goodman Wikipedia

Fans were very curious to know Ezekiel Goodman’s Wikipedia and biography after watching him in “I Know What You Did Last Summer (2021)“. 

It’s fair to say the Hawaiian actor has a big fan base who follow his work and projects passionately. 

Ezekiel went to the University of Southern California School of the Dramatic Arts to become an MFA actor. 

Some of his well-known movies and series are Rat Bastard (2014), Peacocking, I Know What You Did Last Summer (2021), just to name a few.

He started his career as an actor but gradually improved his knowledge in writing and directing. 

Earlier in his career, he performed at the Annoyance Theater and the iO Theater, which helped him get recognized and collect valuable knowledge and experience. 

Does Ezekiel Goodman have a Girlfriend? 

As of 2021, Ezekiel Goodman hasn’t shared any details about his girlfriend on social media. 

The American actor and writer have made it clear that he doesn’t feel comfortable sharing his personal details with the public. 

Ever since his first appearance in TV shows, he managed to conceal his private identity, which he doesn’t regret to this date. 

Ezekiel has also not spoken about any of his past relationships and his love affairs. 

How much is Ezekiel Goodman’s net worth? 

Ezekiel Goodman has an estimated net worth of around $2 million. 

The Hawaii-born actor has made his fortune as a writer and an actor. 

Since he hasn’t shared his exact details about his salaries, his exact net worth can be slightly different than mentioned above.