Francisca Susano Birthday: Age & Wiki – Is Daughter Magladena Still Alive?

Francisca Susano Birthday: Age & Wiki – Is Daughter Magladena Still Alive?

At what age did Francisca Susano celebrate her last birthday? Tune in to find out.

Francisca Susano is believed to be the world’s oldest person. Also known as Lola Iska, she was loved by people all over the world. Furthermore, she passed away on Monday night.

As she lived for more than 110 years, Susano was also known as a supercentenarian.

There has been an outpouring of grief on social media, as the public paid tribute to her. Let us learn about Susano in detail.

Francisca Susano Birthday: Age & Wiki

Francisca Susano passed away at the age of 124. She took her last breath in her Philippines home. In fact, she was believed to be the last surviving person born in the 19th century.

Susano was born in 1897 in Kabanklan City, Philippines. Likewise, she celebrated her birthday on September 11 each passing year. Last September, she surpassed Jeanne Calment’s age and became the oldest person to have lived.

Moving on, Francisca cannot be found on Wiki. You can, however, learn about her through different websites. Almost all of the news portals have reported the news about her death.

Susano’s cause of death has not been made public. However, we will keep you updated.

For someone of her age, Susano was healthy. She was well-spoken and could still play harmonica. Likewise, she didn’t have trouble speaking or walking.

As the readers were curious about the secret to Francisca’s long life, we have uncovered the mystery for you. Susano’s diet consisted of a lot of veggies. She used to eat meat but avoided pork. In fact, she didn’t drink alcohol too.

In fact, she also credited her long life to having a positive outlook in life.

Is Francisca Susano Daughter Magladena Still Alive?

Yes, Francisca Susano’s daughter Magladena is still alive.

Susano had 14 children. Out of the 14 children, 6 of them have passed away, and the remaining 8 are still alive. Likewise, Magladena is one of Susano’s daughters.

According to the reports, Magladena is alive and recently celebrated her 101 birthday. Unfortunately, details regarding Magladena’s whereabouts have not been made public. Whether she is based in the Philippines or not is currently unknown.

As Francisca is believed to be born in the 19th century, she witnessed the cholera epidemic, Spanish Flu, and smallpox pandemic. Having lived for more than a decade, she also saw the COVID-19 pandemic.