Who Is Gabe Kapler Current Wife? Gay Rumors Amid Sexual Assault Controversy

Who Is Gabe Kapler Current Wife? Gay Rumors Amid Sexual Assault Controversy

The rumors about Gabe Kapler being gay are surfacing on the web. Scroll down to know about his sexuality and sexual assault controversy. 

Gabe Kapler is an American former professional baseball outfielder. As of now, he is the current manager of the San Francisco Giants of Major League Baseball (MLB)

Furthermore, Gabe was born on July 31, 1975, and is 46 years old as of now. His birthplace is Hollywood, California, United States. 

Moreover, Gabe is nicknamed ‘Kap’ and as The Body by the Boston Globe columnist Bob Ryan. 

Is Gabe Kapler Gay?

No, Gabe Kapler is not gay. 

However, the famous former baseball manager is rumored to be gay. We cannot be sure about this because Gabe has not revealed anything about his sexuality yet.

There is no official declaration whether he is gay or not. 

Gabe Kapler Current Wife – Who is He Married to? 

Gabe Kapler is not married to anyone as of now. He does not have a wife in 2021. 

However, he was in a relationship before. He was married, and the couple separated when things did not go accordingly. 

So, Gabe is single, and if he is in a secret relationship, he will surely reveal it sooner or later when he feels comfortable. 

Gabe Kapler Sexual Assault Controversy

Gabe Kapler had been accused of some sexual assault controversy back in 2015. 

The incident involves Gabe getting two emails that complain about him being involved in the assault. The first email is from a grandmother explaining that Kapler’s players in Arizona had beaten her granddaughter. Likewise, the second email was from the granddaughter herself. 

Furthermore, the bad decision that Gabe made was trying to take the situation into his own hands rather than reporting it to the police. In fact, he had tried to fix the problem by organizing a dinner between the girl and the players. 

However, a week later, the girl reported to the police that one of the players had sexually abused her before beating her. 

In the end, Gabe Kaper finally got to know that two other sexual abuse incidents had taken place in the same hotel on the same night. Moreover, he mentioned in his blog that he was not aware of it before fixing up the meeting. 

Gabe Kapler Net Worth

Gabe Kapler’s net worth is estimated to be $35 million approximately. 

Furthermore, a huge amount of his fortune comes from being a baseball manager. 

Gabe Kapler Children & Girlfriend

Gabe Kapler is the father of two lovely children. Their names are Chase Ty (October 8r 8, 1999) and Dane Rio (November 3r 3, 2001). The athlete had two boys with his former spouse Lisa Jansen.

As already mentioned, Gabe does not have a girlfriend or a partner now. He was previously married to Lisa Jansen on January 17ary 1999. The ex-couple had met during their high school days. 

You can follow him on his Twitter handle.