Gebby Vesta Wikipedia: Everything To Know

Gebby Vesta Wikipedia: Everything To Know

The Wikipedia biodata for Gebby Vesta is missing. Make sure to stay with the article till the end to know more about her.

Gebby Vesta is an Entrepreneur and model from Indonesia. She is the CEO of Warna vesta International. 

Apart from that, she is also a famous Disc Jockey.

She was also the topic of a lot of speculation about her gender. Photos of her report as a guy who subsequently transformed into a girl were circulating.

Gebby Vesta Wikipedia

It’s quite surprising to see Vesta, not on the Wikipedia page.

Although, we can expect her to get flaunted on Wikipedia bio in the coming days.

The self-made entrepreneur has founded a number of fashion brands including Vesta Salon, Vesta Brand Collection, Vesta Warunk, and so on.

Interestingly, Gebby is transgende,r and her courage to make a submission to the public was also appreciated by people and also her family. The fear of getting blasphemed was not proven. 

Furthermore, several notable personalities praised her for her courage in coming out to the public.

Gebby Vesta Age: How Old Is She?

Gebby Vesta’s age appears to be in her 30s, judging by her appearance.

However, we are unknown about her actual age and birth date at this time.Gebby Vesta Family 

When it comes to Gebby Vesta’s family, there isn’t much to say. Her parents’ identities are kept a secret, but they are undoubtedly supportive and inspiring.

She has also spoken about how difficult it was for her to be transgender but that her family was very supportive of her decision.

What Is Gebby Vesta Net Worth?

Gebby Vesta’s actual net worth and earnings are under the radar.

According to the source a person as a Fashion Model in Indonesia typically earns around $772 per month. 

From her modeling field, she might have earned about it.

Meet Gebby Vesta On Instagram  

Gebby Vesta has a verified Instagram handle. She is active under the username @vestabeaute.

She is fairly well-known, with over 294k Instagram followers.

Moreover, her bikini photos, which she publishes on Instagram, are quite popular.

She has also shocked several of us when relaxing in a pool in swimwear.

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