Who Is The Woman In Urban Meyer Video? Rumors Has It’s Cayman Nebraska

Who Is The Woman In Urban Meyer Video?  Rumors Has It’s Cayman Nebraska

An alleged woman in the Urban Meyer video named Cayman Nebraska has been a topic of discussion after the video went viral on the internet. Here is everything you need to know about Cayman regarding her Instagram, age, height, and more.

Cayman Nebraska is the alleged woman in the Urban Meyer video. 

In the video that went viral, they were seen partying together at a bar, and Cayman was spotted dancing on Meyer’s lap.

Moreover, after the viral video of a lady dancing on him, Jaguars coach Urban Meyer apologized for ‘becoming a distraction.’

Fans are curious to know about the girl. Here is what we have found about her.

Meet Cayman Nebraska On Instagram

Even though Cayman Nebraska is available on Instagram, her account has been set as private.

However, her Instagram account can be found under the handle @caymannebraska.

The woman, who got viral, appears to have blonde hair on her IG profile picture.

Moreover, she currently has over 3.5 K followers on her Instagram account.

Who Is Cayman Nebraska: Alleged Woman In Urban Meyer Video

Cayman Nebraska is the mystery girl at the bar who is the alleged woman in the urban Meyer Video.

Her name has been displayed on the footage which is actually a recording of a Snapchat video.

Looking closer in the video displays her name due to which people are speculating the blonde-haired viral woman to be Cayman.

Cayman Nebraska Age And Height

Cayman Nebraska’s age appears to be around 20 to 25 years old.

However, her actual age has not been revealed on the media yet.

Looking at her outer appearance she appears to be white-skinned and blonde-haired. looking into the viral Twitter video, Cayman appears to be of average height.

She probably stands around 5 feet 5 inches tall. She has a slim figure and a toned body.

Cayman Nebraska High School College

We do not know if Cayman Nebraska is a high school or a College student or not.

Nebraska is an Ohio State alumna, according to her Instagram account, and she works for a media company, according to this source.

By digging a bit further, it appears that Cayman and Urban Meyer had met before, based on a June Facebook post from the media group.