Hélène Hendriks Partner: Is She Married?

Hélène Hendriks Partner: Is She Married?

Is the Dutch television presenter Hélène Hendriks married? Let’s explore everything there’s to know about Helene’s love life and partner.

Hélène Hendriks is a Dutch television presenter, reporter, and former hockey player. 

Lesbian rumors were floating around her, which she has completely denied. Apparently, Helene emphasized that she isn’t a lesbian and nobody has to worry about her love life. Further, she also talked about suffering from appendicitis in December 2020.

It seems Hendriks’ appendicitis’ operation made her realize that she needed to pay more attention to herself and the people around her. 

Hélène Hendriks Partner: Is She Married?

Hélène Hendriks’ hasn’t discussed her current partner but she was once in a relationship with Joep Schreuder.

Apparently, the two were seen together back when she was working for Joep. 

It is reported that Hendriks took advantage of the chance given by Joep in journalism. She is further accused of pretending to be in love with Joep and dumping him. It seems she dumped him the moment she deemed him useless, leaving him heartbroken.

Although Schreuder himself has admitted somewhat that he was in a relationship with Hélène; however, she denies it.

Hélène Hendriks Age And Wiki 

Hélène Hendriks’ age is 40 years old. She was born on 6 August 1980 in Breda as triplets with two sisters.

A young girl, she used to play hockey at HCP. She then went to Push, where she joined the first team at 17.

She got promoted to Hoofdklasse, the highest hockey division in the Netherlands. Playing at that level for 12 long years, she also obtained invaluable experience playing for Den Bosch, Rotterdam, and Victoria.

For Hendriks, hockey was everything but, a pinky finger injury led to her retirement. The injury was the cause for her to change her career to that of journalism. Kicking off her newfound career with the local broadcaster Brabant10, she quickly rose to public attention.

Her big break seems to be the Fox Sports, where she began working in September 2013. Currently, she is a regular face of the Champions League matches along with Wilfred Genee.

Hélène Hendriks Family

As for Hélène Hendriks’ family, her parents and other family members aren’t currently known.

However, we do know that her father, mother, and two sisters, played hockey.