How Old Is Hayley Leblanc? Facts To Know About Caleb Leblanc Sister

How Old Is Hayley Leblanc? Facts To Know About Caleb Leblanc Sister

How old is Hayley Leblanc in 2021? Here, we take a look at her career breakthroughs and personal background.

Hayley Leblanc is an actor, YouTuber, singer, and a former gymnast from the United States. She played Harmony on ‘Chicken Girls’ and also featured as Jazzy in the YouTube Brat program ‘Hotel Du Loone.’

Her family started a channel for her when she was two years old since she was in the terrible twos, and it later became a family channel named ‘Bratayley,’ which has been a family vlog since 2010 and is still going strong.

Meet Hayley Leblanc: How Old Is Caleb Leblanc Sister Today?

Hayley Leblance’s current age is just 13-years-old. She was born Hayley Noelle LeBlanc on the 2nd of September in 2008. 

She has two siblings, an older sister Annie LeBlanc, and an older brother Caleb Logan. Unfortunately, in 2015, her brother Caleb died from a heart condition, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy at the age of 13. 

Hayley is well known for being one of the three siblings featured in the Bratayley family vlog YouTube channel. It was the channel for Hayley cause her older siblings had their channels so her mom made a channel for just Jayley then it turned into a family channel. 

Hayley Leblanc Wikipedia Explored 

Hayley is one of the stars of the daily vlog ‘Bratayley,’ which has over 7.3 million followers on YouTube. The LeBlanc family’s life is documented in the vlog, which began filming when Hayley was two years old and was originally intended just for relatives.

The stars include parents Billy and Katie with their two daughters Annie and Hayley. ‘Bratayley’ was first used as a nickname for Hayley, combining the words ‘brat’ and ‘Hayley.’ In Spring 2018, she appeared in Brat’s feature film, ‘Chicken Girls: The Movie’. 

After 9 years of family vlogs, Bratayley decided to quit creating them in November 2019 to focus on other family projects.

Later that year, Leblanc was cast in two Nickelodeon shows: ‘Annie Vs Hayley’ and a YouTube project with her buddy London Angel called The Halo Project.

Hayley also joined Justice and Jam Jr’s female group, Run The World, in 2020, with Jesslynn Grace, Corinne Joy, and Kheris Rogers, and they released two songs, ‘Rainbow’ and ‘Diamond Hearts’.

Disclosing Hayley Leblanc Net Worth 

Hayley Leblanc’s current net worth is believed to be between $500 and $800 thousand. However, her current net worth and earnings have yet to be revealed in the media.