How Rich Is Denis Handlin Sony? Net Worth 2021 Amid Scandal

How Rich Is Denis Handlin Sony? Net Worth 2021 Amid Scandal

How Rich Is Denis Handlin? Get all the deets on his net worth as of 2021 as well as the latest updates on him!

Denis Handlin is an Australian businessman.

He is best known for serving as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sony Music Entertainment Australia and New Zealand. Thus, he is ruled as the longest-serving global Sony Music employee having served the company from 1970 to 2021.

Other than that, Handlin also served as the President of Sony Music Entertainment Asia Inc.

As of 2021, he has quit his position in the company due to many ‘toxic’ work environment allegations against him.

How Rich Is Denis Handlin? Know His Net Worth 2021

Denis Handlin is estimated to be very rich considering he holds a net worth of more than $70 million per our sources.

Given his history with Sony Music and his reputation at the executive level, his net worth is the result of his veteran career until now.

Meanwhile, the complete deets on the value of his individual assets are yet to be unveiled as of yet.

We will update this section as soon as we trace down any relatable information on his personal assets very shortly.

Meet His Wife Jan Gudinski

Denis Handlin has been married to his wife Jan Gudinski for more than 40 years.

The two tied their wedding knot in 1977 and have become inseparable since then.

Both Denis and Jan understand each other and are supportive of each other’s careers. Meanhwile, not much information on Jan’s current whereabouts, and her job are available at the moment.

Denis Handlin Sony Scandal Explored

Denis Handlin has been engulfed in the Sony scandal that has prompted his resignation from the company after 50 years.

Many employees including former employees of his have come forward accusing him of generating a toxic work environment, discrimination, sexual misconduct, and many more allegation against him.

As of today, the number of his victims has been released to be more than 100 in number. Per the reports, many women were forced to work even during their maternity period.

Harassment and bullying were present during the tenure of Handlin to which he resigned from the post back in June.

Know His Salary Earnings

Mr. Handlin was paid a generous amount of salary paychecks from his former position at Sony Music. However, his earnings have not been disclosed to the public as of yet.

Meet His Family And Children

Handlin and his wife Jan are parents to an amazing six children and leads a pretty big family.

Meanwhile, the complete insiders on his whole family members and children are not on display. It is for sure that the Handlin family leads content and luxurious life with the help of Denis.