Igor Vovkovinskiy Dies At The Age of 27: Did He Have A Wife?

Igor Vovkovinskiy Dies At The Age of 27: Did He Have A Wife?

Igor Vovkovinskiy did not have a wife as he was unmarried till his death on August 22. Get to know more about him below!

Igor Vovkovinskiy was a Ukrainian-American actor and media personality.

He was best known as the tallest person living in the United States at 7 feet 8 and one-third inches (234.5 cm).

Igor was also the first tallest living person from two countries; the US and Ukraine. His popularity was also acknowledged by then-President Barack Obama as  “World’s Biggest Obama Supporter.”

Who Is Igor Vovkovinskiy Wife?

Igor Vovkovinskiy did not marry; hence the deets on his wife are not on display. Moreover, the information on his dating life and girlfriend are not accessible at the moment.

Igor Vovkovinskiy Net Worth Revealed

Igor Vovkovinskiy did not publicize his earnings and net worth during his lifetime. According to his pictures, he lived a normal life and did not cater luxurious lifestyle despite being famous.

However, he had a hard time wearing the right size of shoes due to his big feet of 26. In 2012, he had revealed that he did not own any shoes of his size for many years.

Thus, he had issued a plea to cover the estimated $16,000 cost for custom-made shoes that wouldn’t cause him pain. He was donated more than double what he needed by thousands of his well-wishers.

Later he enjoyed the Reebok custom shoes for free. Hence, Igor was a simple man who lived a normal life in contrast to his identity and popularity.

Meet Igor Vovkovinskiy Parents And Know His Family Details

Igor Vovkovinskiy was born to his Ukrainian parents, his mother Svetlana Vovkovinska, and his father, whose name is not accessible presently.

His father died earlier this year while he was accompanied by his remaining family of his mother and brother during his final moments.

Igor’s birth giver Svetlana is an ICU nurse at Mayo Clinic. The Vovkovinskiy had initially moved to the US back in 1989 to treat Igor, who was already 6 feet tall at the mere age of 7 in 1989.

It was after that the whole family settled in the US while preserving their Ukrainian background. 

His brother Oleh Ladan and his wife, Alla, and their children, were there at the death bed of Igor.

Igor had joked with his niblings if they had learned the Ukrainian language after staying in Ukraine for a month.

Know Igor Vovkovinskiy Cause Of Death 

The tall Igor’s cause of death has been revealed to be heart disease by his sad mother’s Facebook post on August 22. She has written that Igor had died on August 20 at 22:17 pm in the hospital.

Igor’s grieving mother, Svetlana, also disclosed his last dinner that was a piece of Kyiv cake and Fanta.

The family has decided to hold Igor’s funeral at Ranfranz and Vine Funeral Home.