Fact Check: Is Barbie Ferreira Racist? Tumblr Post With N Word Controversy

Fact Check: Is Barbie Ferreira Racist? Tumblr Post With N Word Controversy

Is Barbie Ferreira racist? The Euphoria actress clearly used to use N-word a lot on Tumblr before being an actress. Stay with us to learn more. 

An American actress and model, Barbie Ferreira, is popularly known for her role in the HBO series ‘Euphoria’ as Kat Hernandez. In addition, the series also featured other actors like Zendaya and Jacob Elordi too.

Born in New York City, Ferreira began her career as a teenager and has modeled for brands like Adidas, Forever 21, Target, Missguided, H&M, and Asos.

In the year 2016, her unretouched photographs and video interviews from the Aerie campaign went viral and later was named in Time’s “30 Most Influential Teens” list.

Fact Check: Is Barbie Ferreira Racist? Tumblr Post With N-Word Controversy

Tumblr users got down on Barbie Ferreira for being racist

Reportedly, it is believed that before being a well-known actress, she had a quite considerable number of followings on Tumblr, and ideally used to use N-word a lot. 

Because of Barbie’s flippancy at utilizing that word, her adherents called her racist. However, Barbie denied all those rumors. 

Amid this, Ferreira said that she used to use B-word, which represents Black. Numerous users have tweeted with regard to her remarks on this controversy.

Barbie Ferreira Sexuality Explored

Barbie Ferreira has been totally open about her sexuality and is a lesbian. 

The actress once stated she doesn’t really identify herself as a straight woman and rather feels like a queer. Additionally, she also thinks that HBO’s “Euphoria” season two will allow her character to explore her queerness.

Ferreira, however, is one of Euphoria’s most renowned newcomers and her character has one of the strongest plots.

Is Barbie Ferreira Married? Boyfriend Or Husband Details

Barbie Ferreira is not married but is romantically involved with her girlfriend, Elle Puckett. Since 2019, the duo has been dating each other. 

Her girlfriend, Elle Puckett, better known by her stage name Rosie Ugly, is a guitarist, artist, and producer from Los Angeles. At the age of 16 years, she was framed with her sister in “Poema,” a pop band. 

Despite being totally open, Ferreira hasn’t talked much about her dating life. As of now, No pictures of Barbie and her girlfriend could be fetched from her Instagram.

However, there are tons of her selfies and stunning modeling photographs, which she shares with her whopping 3.2 million followers on Instagram.