Actor: Is Christian Leblanc Leaving Y&R And Where Is He Going? Everything To Know

Actor: Is Christian Leblanc Leaving Y&R And Where Is He Going? Everything To Know

Christian Leblanc is rumored to be leaving Y&R (Young and Restless). Find out where is the actor going after his departure from the show.

Christian Leblanc is an actor most popularly known for his portrayal of Michael Baldwin in the iconic show “Young and Restless.’ He has other films like ‘Seeds of Tragedy,’ ‘The Disturbance at Dinner’ in his name.

He has also been a part of other series like ‘As the World Turns,’ ‘Diagnosis: Murder,’ and ‘Guiding Light.’ However, it is his role in Y&R, that has given the actor both critical acclaim and love from the audiences. He has several awards for Michael Baldwin.

Is Christian Leblanc Leaving Y&R?

Christian Leblanc is only rumored to be leaving Y&R but the authentic sources have yet to confirm or deny the news. He will be badly missed if the rumors are in any way true. However, this is not the first time he is departing from the show.

Leblanc began in 1991 and left in 1993 but since 1997, the actor has been regularly featuring in the show. Hence, the relationship between Baldwin and his fans is immeasurable. It is obvious fans will not want him to go.

Michael Baldwin is a prominent lawyer who has been described as a ‘quirky legal eye’. Let’s hope these are only rumors and there is no truth to it.

Where Is Christian Leblanc Going?

The news on Christian Leblanc leaving Y&R has not been confirmed yet, so we do not know where the actor is going. During his stay for the last 24 years in the show, he has been not been a part of any project other than a few guest appearances. 

If Leblanc is leaving the show, he must have a solid framework for his career ahead. His audiences will be waiting for a power-packed project better and more iconic than Y&R to get away from the recent news.

Find Christian Leblanc Husband Photos On Instagram

Christian Leblanc’s husband remains a mystery and his Instagram profile does not feature him. He was been married to his partner for over 28 years now and is usually talking about the difficulty in living as a gay man. Hence, we understand the actor being hesitant in introducing his husband to the world.

It is said that he was married to Tracey E. Bregman in the past but the two divorced due to unforeseen circumstances.

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