Is Devin Haney Muslim? Find The Boxer’s Religion And Background

Is Devin Haney Muslim? Find The Boxer’s Religion And Background

Is Devin Haney Muslim? Well, to find out his religion and personal details, continue reading the article.

The world’s fourth-best active lightweight boxer, Devin Haney, has been the WBC lightweight titleholder since 2019. 

Haney, however, has won the Youth World Championship at the age of 17, making him the youngest boxer to win the title. 

Being a professional boxer, Haney, on the other hand, has won several lightweight titles, including IBF North American, WBC Youth, IBF-USBA, WBO Inter-Continental, and many more. 

Is Devin Haney Muslim? Religion Explored

Well, Devin Haney is a Muslim. He has converted his religion to Islam in April 2021. 

Similarly, it is believed that Haney is a highly religious person in the real world. But, ever since he converted his religion, his fans have been really curious to know the reason behind the steps. 

Although many of his fans supported his decision, few haters made fun of his faith. However, Haney didn’t focus on what others think and is happy being a part of the Islamic community.

The 23-year-old lightweight champion has a huge career ahead of him. Nonetheless, the champion has a net worth of at least $5 million. 

However, we are still some steps backward to obtaining his salary per fight at the very moment. 

Who Are Devin Haney Parents?

Devin Haney’s parents, Bill Haney and April Clay, have always been very supportive of their son’s career. As per some reports, Haney moved from California to Las Vegas with his father. 

Many of the online media claimed that Haney’s parents got divorced after his birth. Despite the separation, Haney does meet his mother, who is very proud and supportive of her son. 

Furthermore, we have come to know that Haney’s father and his brother both have converted to Islam. However, the main motive and reason behind this change haven’t been revealed yet. 

Devin Haney Ethnicity And Background Details

Professional boxer Devin Haney belongs to the African-American ethnicity. Most probably, Haney’s forefathers hailed from Africa. 

Born on November 17, 1998, in San Francisco, Haney spent most of his childhood in Oakland, California. 

In today’s time, Devin Haney resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. He, however, is active on social media platforms like Instagram with 1.1 million followers and Twitter with 132.3k followers. 

Reportedly, Haney started his boxing career when he was just at the age of 7. He will be facing Joseph Diaz for the full world title on December 4, 2021.