Is Fergal D’Arcy Related To Ray D’Arcy? Why Is He Leaving TODAY Fm?

Is Fergal D’Arcy Related To Ray D’Arcy? Why Is He Leaving TODAY Fm?

Is Fergal D’Arcy, Is He Related To Ray D’Arcy? Here we break down all the family and professional relations among these two celebs here below!

Fergal D’Arcy is the number 1 music broadcaster on commercial radio during the afternoons in Ireland. 

He is best known for his time with Today FM.

Bigger Stage confirms that Fergal entertains more than 120k listeners each afternoon on Today FM. 

With his experience and multi-talent, he has been involved in several well-established musical and theatre societies across Ireland.

Fergal D’Arcy is not related to the legendary TV and radio personality, Ray D’Arcy.

The two just happen to share the same last name that has oftentimes confused their fans.

Our sources confirm that both Fergal and Ray do not have any family ties with each other.

Meanwhile, they share a respectful professional relationship as they are from the same career background.

Ray D’Arcy is an iconic figure in the Irish TV and radio industry while Fergal leads the new generation of radio and is a star among the youths.

Why Is Fergal D’Arcy Leaving TODAY FM?

Fergal D’Arcy is confirmed to be leaving TODAY FM after he gained his career notability for many years.

Independent reports that the radio star opted for such a harsh decision due to a major revamp occurrence in the internal management of the radio studio.

Every show and presenter including Fergal faced alterations in their programs and schedules.

As Fergal could not move forward with his new routine, he has decided to leave TODAY FM, to the shock of his listeners.

Who Is Fergal D’Arcy Wife?

Fergal D’Arcy does not have a wife, not that we know of. He is predominantly known to be an unmarried man and also for keeping his private life a secret.

However, his recent closeness with singer Alisha has kept people thinking that the Today FM star has found love.

His fans are waiting for his official announcement about his relationship with Alisha.

Does Fergal D’Arcy Have Cancer?

The former Today FM star host, Fergal is indeed a cancer survivor. He was diagnosed with Polycythemia, a treatable type of blood cancer.

Though he has already recovered from cancer, he has not put stop to his efforts in helping other cancer patients.

He is a regular donor to the Irish Cancer Society and often talks about cancer in hope of making people aware.