Is Joe Rogan Banned From Spotify? ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ Misinformation With Dr Robert Malone

Is Joe Rogan Banned From Spotify? ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ Misinformation With Dr Robert Malone

An American podcaster Joe Rogan has not been banned from Spotify or arrested, despite the rumors. 

Joe Rogan is an actor, comedian, and commentator but is mostly known for hosting podcasts. As popular as he is in the podcast world, he is also quite controversial with accusations on him. 

His recent podcast with Dr. Robert Malone went viral on all social media platforms and its link on Spotify got shared 25000 times. This episode, however, was bashed by many health professionals claiming it to spread misinformation. 

Is Joe Rogan Banned And Arrested? 

No, Joe Rogan is neither banned from Spotify nor arrested.

Doctors along with physicians and science educators, a total of 270 health professionals wrote an open letter to Spotify regarding the misinformation spread among the large group of people by Joe Rogan’s podcast with Dr. Malone.

Even educated people and knowledgeable ones were easily tricked by Malone’s words as per one of the physicians. She talked about the need for information to be managed responsibly in today’s day and age.

As far as the people who signed the open letter are concerned, they neither want Spotify to ban Joe Rogan nor want his podcast to be put down but take action against misinformation from now on. Similarly, there is no news of his arrest as of now.

Joe Rogan ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ Misinformation With Dr. Robert Malone

Dr. Robert Malone said on Joe Rogan’s podcast that ‘mass formation psychosis’ was actually responsible for people believing in the efficacy of the covid vaccine. He further added hospitals are paid to falsely diagnose the death to Covid-19. 

This came as a shocker to everyone. While many physicians are expressing their opinions on how wrong the statement is on so many levels, there are many who are actually falling for it as well. When the reach of the audience is quite high, the misinformation parted is disturbing.

Joe Rogan Wife And Net Worth

Joe Rogan got married to his wife Jessica Ditzel in 2009. She is a former cocktail waitress and the couple is blessed with two beautiful babies. The first child was born out of wedlock in 2008 and the second was born in 2010.

Talking about his net worth, Joe Rogan has a wealth of around $100 Million. With his podcast and his reach among the masses over the years, he is living a well-off life. However, his assets are yet to discovered.

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