Fact Check: Lyndell Mansfield Death News – Hospitalized after an Accident

Fact Check: Lyndell Mansfield Death News – Hospitalized after an Accident

The death news of Lyndell Mansfield has been making rounds on the web after she was admitted to the hospital due to brain hemorrage. Here’s all the latest news on her!

Lyndell Mansfield is an Australian professional hairstylist. Her works have graced the runways of the Paris Fashion Show throughout these years along with others.

Similarly, she has also worked closely with many big-named celebrities, actors, models, and artists throughout her career.

Hence, considering her age and works, Lyndell is one of the most trusted hairstylists in the fashion industry.

Fact Check: Lyndell Mansfield Death News Real or Fake?

Lyndell Mansfield’s death news has recently turned true considering her critical health condition. She was fighting for her life while being admitted to the hospital as she suffered from a brain hemorrhage.

One of her friends, Thea Basiliou has confirmed her death via an Instagram post. She penned down a long emotional message of her death.

She was helped by many of her friends throughout her hospital journey including a GoFundMe page that was created by Donna.

On the page, Donna updated Lyndell’s health condition and said that she suffered from three more cardiac arrests while receiving care for her brain hemorrhage.

Now that Lyndell has passed away, the further steps into her funeral are yet to be disclosed by her family and friends.

Was She Hospitalized After An Accident?

Lyndell Mansfield did not suffer from any accident though her brain hemorrhage proved to be the cause of her death.

Known for her fun-loving traits and traveling passion, Lyndell’s death has brought a wave of sadness to her friend and family circle.

She passed away in a hospital in London though her home lies in Australia.

Is Lyndell Mansfield On Instagram?

Lyndell Mansfield has an amazing 11k followers on Instagram at the moment. She had last posted a video of herself dancing three days ago.

Netizens are shocked to know that Lyndell passed away in such a short time due to her health condition.

Her fans and followers have started pouring rest in peace messages in her comment box.

Meanwhile, her family has not released any official statement on her death or her upcoming funeral as of yet. It seems they are mourning in peace and will be handling the funeral rituals very soon.