Is Marcus Ramone Cooper Jr Arrested? Pleasure P’s 17 year Old Son Accused of Murder

Is Marcus Ramone Cooper Jr Arrested? Pleasure P’s 17 year Old Son Accused of Murder

Is Marcus Ramone Cooper Jr being held in custody? He is a suspect of fatally shooting Tyron Arthus, a 24-year-old man. Here’s all you need to know about him.

Marcus Ramone Cooper Jr., the son of American singer-songwriter Pleasure P, is accused of fatally shooting Tyron Arthus, 24, and leaving his body on the side of the road.

According to the Miami Herald, the incident occurred on October 8, 2021, in Broward County, Florida.

Sheriff Gregory of Broward County Tony stated that the two guys were riding together on the I-595 when Cooper reportedly led Tony out of the vehicle and shot him many times. He then drove away from the crime site, leaving the victim alone.

Following that, David Fire Rescue officials and Florida Highway Patrol officers discovered Tony’s body on Interstate 595 near Hiatus Road.

Is Marcus Ramone Cooper Jr Arrested? Pleasure P’s Son Whereabouts

Marcus Ramone Cooper Jr has not been arrested as of yet. However, officials issued a warrant for Marcus’s arrest on November 1, but no information regarding his location has been released so far.

Cooper will almost certainly face charges of first-degree murder and weapon possession if he is caught. The teenager has been described as “armed and dangerous” by authorities.

The murder investigation comes amid Pleasure P’s ongoing sold-out Millennium Tour with Pretty Ricky. Cooper is the singer’s only son, and he and his father have a tight bond.

On the other hand, Pleasure P took to Instagram on Thursday (November 11) to refute the allegations against his son made in a series of videos.

Marcus Ramone Cooper Jr Age And Wikipedia 

Marcus Ramone Cooper Jr’s current age is just 17 years old. Little is known about him, and he avoids the spotlight.

Interestingly, Pleasure P, who is just 36 years old, has lately become a grandfather. Marcus, on the other hand, is a father of a son. 

Likewise, Pleasure P posted a photo of his son on Instagram in January 2021, wishing him a happy birthday, and wrote, ‘Yes, will help me with my son @yrkcheck a happy birthday.’

However, Marcus’ account appears to have been removed, and the profile he linked to, @yrkcheck, is now gone.