Are Matt Ammendola Danny Amendola Brothers? Relationship Explored

Are Matt Ammendola Danny Amendola Brothers? Relationship Explored

Is Matt Ammendola related to Danny Amendola, a two-time Super Bowl champion? To know everything about the New York Jets’ placekicker, keep reading.

Matt Ammendola is an American football player currently competing in the National Football League (NFL) for the New York Jets.

As a footballer, he plays in the position of a placekicker. Besides the Jets, he has formerly represented the Carolina Panthers as well. 

Although Matt remained undrafted from the Carolina state in the 2020 NFL draft, he then got signed by the Panthers on 24 March 2021. His time with the Panthers wasn’t very long as the club released him on the 16 May of the same year.

Matt Ammendola is the sibling of Danny Amendola. Now, does that answer the question about their relationship?

The answer is yes, and also no. Danny’s big brother, Matt, should be older than 35 years, as per the reports. But, the Matt that we are talking about is 24 years old. It seems two different people with the same name got the whole world confused.

But, everything is clear of the relationship between the Jets’ placekicker and the Huston Texas’ wide receiver. Speaking about brothers, Matt of the Jets never really talked about his siblings, if any.

Although Matt isn’t blood-related to Danny, there are a few things in common. He is also undrafted, just like Danny. And if we look at it, Matt’s NFL career is pretty young, and not being drafted must have got him down, but Danny is the best example of success. And If Danny could do it, so does Matt.

Matt Ammendola Parents And Girlfriend

The parents of Matt Ammendola of the Jets’ are Sal and Jan Ammendola.

And that’s all we know about his parents, just their identity and nothing about their educational or professional background. Like his parents, information on his girlfriend also remains hidden – we don’t even know if the Jets’ pacemaker has one.

As for Danny’s big brother Matt’s parents, they are Rose and Willie. His mother is Irish, while his father is Italian. And the best thing about his parents from Boston is that they are pretty hardcore when it comes to sports.

Matt Ammendola Age And Height

Matt Ammendola’s age is 24 years.

He was born on 11 December 1996 in Philadelphia.

As for Matt’s height, he stands tall at 5 feet 11 inches. Although not very tall, he is well over average.

Matt Ammendola Salary And Net Worth

As for the contract details, Matt Ammendoala’s salary is about $660 thousand for 2021, which will become $825 thousand in 2022.

He also has potential earnings of about $1.4 million. And considering these figures, his net worth can be estimated at somewhere along the lines of $1 million.