James William Awad Net Worth: How Much Fortune Does The Sunwing Plane Party Organizer Have?

James William Awad Net Worth: How Much Fortune Does The Sunwing Plane Party Organizer Have?

What is the net worth of James William Awad, the Sunwing party flight coordinator? Here are some important details about him.

Awad William is the founder of TripleOne a decentralized business. He also performs as a rapper, releasing albums through his ‘decentralized business’ venture, TripleOne.

Under the identity Senior, Awad has released two albums: 2020’s ‘Feel Better Alone’ and last year’s ‘Break & Tell.’

Frankly, these projects are both near-unlistenable.

In later December, several profiles on Awad were published within a few days of each another, from the likes of “Haute Living’, ‘Ocean Drive’ and ‘Music Times‘. These articles praise him for being a ‘technical genius’ and a ‘self-made success’.

Sunwing: James William Awad Net Worth

The net worth of James William Awad is estimated to be in the tens of millions of dollars.

William Awad coordinated the now-famous Sunwing party flight. He also runs several other side businesses.

According to a Journal de Montreal investigation, the young entrepreneur engaged in a variety of strange business practices, including illegal stock broking and a $17.3 million real estate windfall paid in cash.

Given his professional background, this is unsurprising. 

Disclosing James William Awad Parents 

James William Awad’s parent’s personality hasn’t been disclosed as of now. 

The insight regarding his family details like his siblings and other relatives is not revealed. 

James seems to be a very private person and wants to keep his family life out of the spotlight. 

However, his parents must be supportive towards William and encourage him to do better in his chosen field.


James William Awad Nationality Origin Age And Wikipedia 

The current age of James William Award is believed to be 28 years old.

He posted on Facebook on March 20, 2020, with the remark ‘just turned 27.’

He began programming when he was eleven years old and hasn’t looked back since.

His first creation was a video game, which he completed when he was twelve years old. When James learned he didn’t have any marketing or sales experience at the age of twelve, the video game was never marketed. He didn’t give up, though, and tried new businesses after new businesses.

James began programming as a freelancer when he was 14 years old. Because he was too young to work for companies on a freelance basis, he utilized an alias to acquire work. He would schedule phone interviews in the hopes that no one would notice how young he was.

Moreover, James has launched several businesses, but he has decided to focus solely on one. TripleOne is the name of the company.

A notion James had as a teenager for a decentralized business run by people all around the world inspired this.