Golf: Who Is Jessica Dawn Kippenberger? Adam Hadwin Wife – Age And Children

Golf: Who Is Jessica Dawn Kippenberger? Adam Hadwin Wife – Age And Children

Jessica Dawn Kippenberger is Canadian golfer Adam Hadwin’s Wife who has been married for five years now. Stick with this article to know more about the wife of the golf player. 

Jessica Dawn Kippenberger is the wife of Canadian golfer Adam Hadwin.

Jessica tied the wedding knots with Adam Hadwin after dating for some time. Jessica Dawn met her husband Adam Hadwin on tinder, and we don’t know much of her information as her social media accounts are also private accounts.

Kippenberger and Hadwin got married on March 24th, only days after winning the Valspar Championship, which assured him a position in the 2017 Masters field.

That was meant to be the couple’s honeymoon week, but Jess graciously agreed to a change of plans. “You know, it’s kind of amusing. “I don’t believe we’ve gone a day without chatting since we met almost three years ago,” Hadwin said. So there’s reason to be optimistic, Tour professionals! But, as Hadwin pointed out, Tinder has a key: “You must be on the lookout for the correct item.”

So we can conclude that Jessica found her life partner through Tinder. 

Who Is Jessica Dawn Kippenberger?

Jessica Dawn Kippenberger is Nurse Practitioner, Hospitalist, wife, and mom. According to her Instagram account, Jessica is Co-Founder of @hadwinfamilyfoundation.

On tinder, Adam and Jessica met, and then eventually Jessica got married to golf player Adam. They are currently enjoying a happy life and have kept their personal lives off of social media.

Hadwin was fortunate in that his wife Jess also swiped correctly for a week in Kansas. Hadwin told GOLF Live’s Ryan Asselta, “Jess and I have always claimed that we met in Wichita while I was playing an event, and we sort of just left it at that.” “Then we had to bring up how, which you bring up today, but it’s the truth.” We met on Tinder in Wichita, and we went out together once while I was there.

Adam Hadwin’s Wife Jessica Dawn Kippenberger Age And Children

Jessica Dawn Kippenberger’s age seems in between 25 to 30 years. She became a mother 2 years ago and looking at her appearance, Jessica seems to be in her mid-20s.  

Jessica Dawn Kippenberger aka Adam Hadwin’s wife Jessica is the proud parents of a beautiful girl/children called Maddox Amelia Hadwin, who was born on January 8, 2020. She is now one year and three months old.

Jessica Dawn Kippenberger Instagram, Net Worth Revealed! 

You can meet Jessica Dawn Kippenberger on the Official Instagram page with the username of @jessicahadwin. Although her Instagram account is private, you can see her posts on her husband’s Instagram page which is @ahadwingolf

Jessica Dawn Kippenberger has quite a lot of net worth. her husband Adam Hadwin, a Canadian golfer, is expected to have a net worth of $4 million as of 2021, based on his professional career. So, we can assume that Jessica also has a relatively nice sum o net worth.

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