Jon Siesling Wikipedia: Why Did He Kill His Mother & Sisters? Age & Whereabouts Now

Jon Siesling Wikipedia: Why Did He Kill His Mother & Sisters? Age & Whereabouts Now

Jon Siesling may not have a Wikipedia page but he is not an unknown name in the list of criminals who have committed some gruesome and horrifying crimes. Here’s what you need to update your knowledge of him!

Jon Siesling is an American convicted felon.

Booked for three open murders and homicide of his own mother and two sisters, he is one of the deadliest murderers in the history of Michigan.

The incident that happened in 2003 still shakes peoples’ hearts even as of today.

Likewise, his case and the murder have once again resurged on the web as the house where the murders happened has been decorated for Halloween.

As the protests of netizens, the house is still in the decoration where it depicts the three mother-daughters plea that day.

Jon Siesling Wikipedia: Know His Age 

Jon Siesling’s current age is 36 years old as of 2021. He was born on February 18, 1985, in Michigan to his mother Sharon and his father Jan.

His mother was a stay home while his father was a truck driver who was on his job when Jon slew his own family.

Jon was just a teenager of 17 years old when he decided to take such a step. He had two sisters; Katelin and Leah. Katelin was 15 years old at the time while Leah was just a 6 years old kid.

Jon had beat his mother and teen sister with a baseball bat and stabbed them with a kitchen knife.

To be precise, he had slit his mother’s throat when she tried to climb up the stairs to save her daughters after being struck by the bat.

Lastly, Jon mercilessly stabbed his 6-year-old sister Leah’s neck after he put her in bed. Leah was crying after she had come from outside and saw the pool of blood of her mother and sister.

His father was saved that day but is reported to be in dire mental health condition after the incident.

Know His Whereabouts Now

Jon Siesling is currently held at a Michigan prison at second-degree prison security. He was convicted in 2004 and has complied with the sentence by the court.

Jon has been sentenced to life imprisonment though it was not accepted by his defense team considering his young age.

However, the judge back then ruled the incident as Michigan’s worst crime ever and denied his term at a juvenile center. Since then, Jon has been subjected to his whereabouts in a normal prison.

Why Did He Kill His Mother & Sisters?

Jon Siesling’s exact motive behind the killings of his mother and sisters has been ruled as a teenaged high spirit. His mental state as a teen where he found his dislike for his family has prompted him to take such actions.

He has clearly stated that he does not like his father Jan that proves that Jan was spared from the killings that day just because he was out.