Was Nuclear Engineer Jonathan Toebbe Arrested? Wife Diana And Charges

Was Nuclear Engineer Jonathan Toebbe Arrested? Wife Diana And Charges

Was nuclear engineer and wife Jonathan Toebbe arrested? To know all the details on the arrest and charges, keep in tune with the article.

Jonathan Toebbe is a former Navy nuclear engineer.

As per the reports of 10 October, he and his wife, Diana, got arrested for espionage charges. On Reddit, though a thread suggested that the FBI instigated the Toebbes to break the law – does it make any sense?

Was Jonathan Toebbe And Wife Diana Arrested? – Charges Explained 

Johnathan Toebbe and his wife Diana got arrested on 9 October 2021 in Jefferson County, West Virginia, while dropping an SD card full of classified intel.

The couple got charged with espionage. The penalties for their charges are variable. If they got convicted for gathering and delivering defense information to aid a foreign government, they end up in jail for their whole life or get a death sentence. However, economic espionage results in 15 years of imprisonment and about $5 million as a fine. 

The Toebbes are to appear in court in Martinsburg, West Virginia, on Tuesday.

Jonathan and Diana’s act got discovered with the joint force of FBI, Department of Justice prosecutors, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, and the Department of Energy. The U.S. Attorney General Merrick B. Garland stated that their plot was to transmit information relating to the design of the U.S. nuclear submarines to a foreign nation.

As per the court files, Jonathan sent a sample of restricted data in April 2020 to a foreign government. However, an FBI official located in the foreign government got hold of the package and began communicating with Jonathan as that government’s official.

The FBI agent got him to trade confidential data in exchange for loads of cryptocurrency. Then Jonathan and his wife drove to West Virginia and dropped an SD card filled with restricted data disclosed within a peanut butter sandwich.

Then the couple drove to someplace in south-central Pennsylvania and dropped another SD card, filled with schematics, drawings, and other documents, hidden in a band-aid wrapper. In late August, the couple dropped another SD card in Virginia hidden within a chewing gum wrapper.

In addition to the SD cards, Jonathan even wrote a message to the undercover FBI agent that he gathered the intel slowly and carefully over the years and smuggled past security points. He also added that there was another person that knew the relationship between Jonathan and the undercover agent. That is Diana.

Jonathan Toebbe Wikipedia 

Jonathan Toebbe is a former nuclear engineer at Naval Reactors.

As for his educational qualifications, he completed his bachelor’s in BA – Physics & Mathematics from Emory University in 2001 and completed his master’s of science, physics, in 2004. After that, he went to Colorado School of Mines and completed a master’s program in nuclear engineering in 2012.

Like his illustrious educational background, Jonathan’s professional career is in its own class. But the major highlight of his career came after he became the nuclear engineer at Naval Reactors in 2012. 

He was in the Navy until 2017 as an active member and served as a reserve until July 2020. In the army, he also obtained the rank of lieutenant in 2016. He cleared his top-secret document clearance in March 2020.

We know a lot about his educational and professional background, but details about his family remain pretty much a mystery.


Jonathan Toebbe Net Worth 

Jonathan Toebbe’s net worth remains a mystery at the moment.

Nonetheless, the estimated average base salary of a nuclear engineer is about $239,456.

Furthermore, reports suggest that Jonathan bought $430,000 worth of a three-bedroom, split-level house in 2014. These statistics show that his net worth was quite outstanding.