Who Is Justin G? 22q Syndrome Diagnosis – Age & Wiki – Wife Or Girlfriend

Who Is Justin G? 22q Syndrome Diagnosis – Age & Wiki – Wife Or Girlfriend

Justin G is the devoted 22q syndrome diagnosis influencer and activist. Get to know him more closely here below!

Justin G is an American online influencer. He mainly focuses on the awareness of the 22q syndrome.

The 22q syndrome is known as DiGeorge syndrome or as 22q11. 2 deletion syndrome. It is a syndrome caused by a microdeletion on the long arm of chromosome 22.

Being born with the syndrome, Justin is keen on the awareness of the situation by exemplifying himself.

Who Is Justin G? His Age and Wiki Explored

Justin G is one of the victims of the 22q syndrome, whose age falls around his 30s.

However, more precise particulars, including his birthday, are not on display.

He is very active on social media platforms and various sources of the internet for the sole purpose of his activism.

In any way, Hustin hopes to make people aware of the syndrome and help the people suffering from it.

The 22q syndrome is the second most common genetic disorder behind Down’s Syndrome. 

Through his online posts, people know that he is often placed under medical care and surgeries caused by 22q.

Justin G 22q Syndrome Diagnosis On Twitter Explored

Justin G was diagnosed with 22q syndrome since his birth. 

Since the syndrome is genetic, his diagnosis was made earlier. 

Due to the syndrome, his speech, reflex, math processing, and heart valves have been widely affected.

As a result, Justin has had several open-heart surgeries, per his blog.

Similarly, he has started #StayStrongJustin on Twitter as he is under critical medical care.

He recently suffered from a seizure caused by the 22q syndrome and is staying in the emergency room.

People have started posting about his health under the hashtag as this may give Justin all the mental and emotional support to overcome the situation.

Likewise, Justin G is already a star on Twitter as he has accumulated nearly 29k followers on his handle.

He operated a verified account on the platform, thanks to his sheer passion for advocacy.

Who Is Justin G Wife Or Girlfriend?

Justin G has not disclosed any information on his wife or girlfriend currently.

He is predominantly known for his 22q syndrome awareness rather than his personal life.

Even so, we hope to get more insights into his love life and update this section very shortly.