Kamilah Chavis Age Revealed: How Old Is Roger Waters New Wife 2021? Meet Her On IG

Kamilah Chavis Age Revealed: How Old Is Roger Waters New Wife 2021? Meet Her On IG

Kamilah Chavis, the new bride and fifth wife of Roger Waters, has intrigued netizens with her age and other personal life details. Get to know more about her below!

Kamilah Chavis is the new name in the list of legendary celebrities’ spouses given her marriage to Roger Waters.

Waters is the legendary singer and band member of the rock band ‘Pink Floyd. He fulfills his duty as a songwriter, bassist, singer, as well as a composer for his band.

Waters’s fifth marriage with Chavis has hit the music industry and his millions of fans that have shaken up everyone.

Moreover, the rock music fans are eager to learn more about Chavis, who is definitely a new name in front of Waters.

Kamilah Chavis Age Revealed: How Old Is Roger Waters New Wife?

Kamilah Chavis, the new wife of Roger Waters has not revealed her exact age as of yet. She is seeming of a very young age in comparison to her husband, Waters.

The new Waters couple share a great deal of age difference in their new marriage as Waters is currently 78 years old. He was born on September 6, 1943, in Great Bookham, Surrey, England.

It will definitely take some time for Chavis to open up about her personal life details.

Is Kamilah Chavis On Wikipedia?

Kamilah Chavis has become the center of attention of almost every media publication and rock music fan as of now.

Hence, she has received uncountable media mentions as well as social media notations in a short period of time since her marriage with Roger Waters.

While not much of her early life is on the display at the moment, Chavis also shares a background in music.

It is thus, she and Waters got a chance to know each other and the friendship strikes a love that has resulted in their marriage as of today.

We hope to know more about the newly wedded Mrs. Chavis as soon as possible.

Know Her Net Worth

Kamilah Chavis, without a doubt, holds a great deal of net worth figures.

However, the exact insiders on here warning figures as well as the information on her full career are still under review and will be updated very soon.

Follow Kamilah Chavis On Instagram

Mrs. Waters cannot be traced down on Instagram at the moment. She seems to be a very private person and stays away from the internet, unlike her husband.

Roger has announced his marriage to Chavis via his Facebook and Instagram at first. The official page of Pink Floyd also reposted Waters’s post congratulating the new love birds.

Since then, the music world has gone gaga over this celebrity wedding.

Meet Kamilah Chavis Family

Kamilah has maintained her silence on her personal life history including her family’s whereabouts.

With her popularity rising every hour, it is for sure that the Pink Floyd fandom will soon dig up her family history in a short time.

Even so, we hope that Chavis will be introducing herself and feel welcomed by the fandom very soon.

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Last Modified: October 14, 2021

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