Who Is Lance Herndon Son? Wife Jeannine, Net Worth And House – Dionne Baugh Victim

Who Is Lance Herndon Son? Wife Jeannine, Net Worth And House – Dionne Baugh Victim

Businessman Lance Herndon’s son is Harrison Herndon. He was killed by his girlfriend, Dion Andrea Bow, in 1996. Here are some crucial facts about him. 

Lance Herndon was one of the Roswell millionaires, and his girlfriend, Dion Andrea Bow, murdered him in 1996.

According to reports, Lance was struck in the rear of the head with a huge crescent wrench before receiving several additional blows to the front and right side of his face.

Lance’s assassination was either an act of jealous wrath or a seedier sex crime, based on the scene.

After her DNA was discovered in the killing scene, Dionne Baugh was apprehended.

Desire was the motive for the crime, and she was sentenced to ten years in prison and an additional ten years on probation.

Who Is Lance Herndon’s Son?

Lance Herndon’s son is Harrison Herndon. He has his father’s smile and is now a handsome businessman.

Dionne’s first husband, Shaun Nelson, is also remarried and has children.

Dionne Nelson’s daughter, Amanda Nelson, is also an adult. Her mother’s skin complexion and long brownish-reddish hair were inherited from her mother. She seems to be a medical student.

Lance Herndon Wife Jeannine

Jeannine Herndon is Lance Herndon’s third wife. The lovely brown woman was a flight attendant, and she gave birth to his son.

The newlywed couple moved into a lovely estate in Roswell’s peaceful suburbs, just a few miles from Atlanta’s bustling downtown.

Jennine was content because she had her husband, son, mansion, and millions. But she lacked Lance’s love and determination.

He didn’t want to be a family man. He attempted but failed to put an end to his affairs with other women. Women are nothing more than sexual pleasure for him.

Furthermore, Lance was married a few times. His first wife was of Puerto Rican descent, and he later married a Creole woman from New Orleans.

Lance Herndon Net Worth And House

Lance Herndon’s net worth is estimated to be in the millions of dollars. Even though his exact assets are unknown, we know he was a mogul.

He was a self-made millionaire in Atlanta, Georgia, living the high life. Access Inc., a computer consulting firm, was founded by him and he served as its CEO.

As a result, he was a prominent member of the city’s young, wealthy, and powerful population.

In addition, he had a beautiful mansion in Roswell.

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