Blue Origin: Who Is Lane Bess? Everything On The Venture Capitalist

Blue Origin: Who Is Lane Bess? Everything On The Venture Capitalist

Who Is Lane Bess? Let us get to know more about the businessman, his age, and his family background.

Blue Origin has revealed that its next human spaceflight will be the company’s first to carry all six passengers. The launch is scheduled for December 9th, so let’s learn more about the crew that will be traveling to space aboard the New Shepard reusable rocket.

Lane and Cameron Bess will be the first parents and children to travel to space together, thus they will be creating history.

Who Is Lane Bess? Wikipedia

Bess Ventures and Advisory is led by Lane Bess, who is also the founder. He was the Chief Operating Officer of Zscaler Inc., a cloud-based Internet security business, prior to this. The majority of his work is in the security and technology industries.

He earned a Bachelor of Science in Managerial Economics from Carnegie Mellon University and a Master’s degree from the University of Dayton when he was younger.

He and his family reside in Miami Beach, Florida. Cameron, his son, works as a content producer and software engineer. On the father-son mission to space, Cameron will also accompany Lane.

Cameron identifies as pansexual and is pleased to represent disadvantaged populations, according to Blue Origin, and hopes that their path might inspire others. The Twitch streamer is now prepared to journey into space, and we can’t wait to hear about their experiences.

Lane Bess Age

Lane Bess is aged around 50 to 55 years old.

However, the exact date of birth has not been revealed. As he is one of the members traveling to space from Blue Origin, more of his details are expected to be released very soon.

Lane Bess Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Lane Bess is around $808 million.

According to LinkedIn, he spent more than 30 years as an operational executive and was the CEO of Palo Alto Networks from 2008 until 2011. He was formerly the EVP of Worldwide Sales and General Manager of Trend Micro Inc, also known as Nikkei. 

Therefore, most of his net worth comes as a CEO of Palo Alto Networks and 30 years as an operational executive.

Lane Bess Wife And Family

Letty Bess is the loving wife of a business tycoon, Lane Bess.

She and her husband, Lane have developed a marriage, a family, financial success, and a spirit of giving that has helped many different organizations, including CASA, in their 31 years together.