Lucy Letby What Is The Evidence – Is She Innocent Or Guilty?

Lucy Letby What Is The Evidence – Is She Innocent Or Guilty?

Is Lucy Letby innocent or guilty? Let’s take a look at the available evidence regarding the alleged murderer of eight infants.

Lucy Letby is a British nurse who used to work at the Countess of Chester Hospital neonatal unit.

She was the face of about a $4 million fundraising campaign while at the hospital.

Lucy has been the talk on the internet as of late after she got accused of murdering eight babies and attempted murder of ten others within a year.

Lucy Letby What Is The Evidence – Is She Innocent Or Guilty? 

Lucy Letby, who supposedly murdered five boys and three girls, has pleaded innocent to the charges.

As far as the evidence is concerned, there isn’t one yet. Lucy came into the eyes of the law enforcement after the Police began an investigation as the Countess of Chester Hospital questioned the high number of infant deaths between March 2015 and July 2016, which were 10 percent more than the average.

In parallel to the Police, an internal inquiry was also performed, which showed that the premature deaths were caused by heart and lung failure, which were impossible to resuscitate. 

After the Cheshire Police began their investigation in May 2017, Lucy got detained in 2018 for death spikes at her neonatal unit. The same fate followed her in 2019 and 2020.

On 4 October 2021, she appeared on Manchester Crown Court via videolink from HMP Peterborough and pleaded not guilty “18 times” for the alleged charges. She is currently on Remand at HMP Peterborough. 

With no evidence, there is really an answer to the question if she is innocent or guilty. Nonetheless, the truth will be out next year, following the trial on 4 October 2022 as set by Mr. Justice Goss. Her pre-trial is in January.

Lucy Letby Parents and Ethnicity

Lucy Letby’s parents are Susan and John Letby.

Her parents, who celebrated her graduation from Chester University in 2011, must be in a lot of pain to know all the allegations slammed on their child. Besides their names, nothing much is known about Lucy’s parents including, their ethnicity and origin.

As for Lucy’s ethnicity, there is a possibility that she might belong to the White British ethnicity, which is the largest group in Britain. However, there are plenty of other ethnicities in Britain, so that might not be precise.