Madeleine Blais Morin Age: How Old Is The Journalist?

Madeleine Blais Morin Age: How Old Is The Journalist?

Radio-Canada Journalist Madeleine Blais Morin has not yet been featured on Wikipedia as of now. Let us learn more about the Journalist. 

Madeleine Blas Morin is a journalist from Canada. 

She is currently the head of the Radio-Canada Parliamentary Office.

Madeleine Blais Morin Age & Wikipedia

Madeleine Blais Morin’s age is probably between 45-50 years old, judging from her picture.

Her exact age and date of birth have not been revealed on the internet as of now. 

Further, her bio has not yet been featured on Wikipedia. 

Madeleine completed her Bachelor of Arts in communication in 2001. She was then later appointed as the head of the parliamentary office of Radio-Canada in Ottawa while remaining a senior analyst in federal policy.

The journalist has been working for Radio-Canada since 2000. Before being posted to Parliament Hill in 2007, she was posted to Regina and Halifax.

Further, she seems to be active on social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  You can find her on Instagram under the name @Madeleine Blais-Morin. However, her Instagram account has been set to private. 

Moreover, she is active on Twitter as MaBlaisMorin, and she is found tweeting mostly about political issues. 

Madeleine Blais Morin Salary

Madeleine Blais Morin’s salary is yet to be disclosed. 

According to the source, the typical CBC/Radio-Canada Journalist’s salary is $91,813 per year.  Also, journalist salaries at CBC/Radio-Canada can range from $63,595 – $115,311 per year. Considering the fact, we believe Madeleine earns a hefty amount of income.

Further, Madeleine has also been involved in a radio program along with four others where they review the documentary The Lost Leonardo and The Godspeed, Elevated by Naya Ali.

Likewise, they also talk about 35 years of the film 37 °2 in the morning and presents the Venice VR Expanded experience at the Phi Center; Martine St-Victor, Madeleine Blais-Morin, and Louis Aucoin comment on the federal election campaign; and Suzanne Pringle speaks about a case she has just won on unjustified enrichment between spouses and de facto spouses; and Fred Bastien, Sonya Bacon, and Julie Buchinger review trends.