Who Is Maryanne Oketch? Survivor 42 Contestant Is A Video Game Nerd

Who Is Maryanne Oketch? Survivor 42 Contestant Is A Video Game Nerd

Maryanne Oketch is appearing as a cast in the American Competition Television Series Survivor 42. Let’s find out more about the cast member including her age, Wikipedia in this article. 

Maryanne Oketch is a seminary student in Ontario. Oketch is a cast member of Survivor 42. 

The forthcoming forty-second season of the American reality television show Survivor is titled Survivor 42. Survivor is a reality television show based in the United States on the Swedish program Expedition Robinson. Contestants are referred to as ‘survivors’, and they compete to become the ‘Sole Survivor’ and earn a million dollars.

The season will air on CBS in the United States, Global in Canada, and 9Go! in Australia on March 9, 2022.

Learn about Who Is Maryanne Oketch From Survivor 42? Age, Wikipedia

Maryanne Oketch has an age of 24 years. Maryanne grew up in her hometown Ajax, Ontario. She currently is the residence in Ajax, Ontario where she resides with her family. 

 Maryanne Oketch is a Seminary Student. Similarly, Oketch is HBSc Graduate and MTS Candidate. 

She is now a cast member of Survivor 42 where she will be competing with the other casts to win the challenge. Her favorite hobbies include tabletop/video games, reading, and snowboarding. 

Oketch thinks she’ll be the sole survivor because she is a people person and SURVIVOR is a numbers game at its foundation. Also mentioning, she lived in a variety of cities and has also found herself in circumstances where she was the only black person in the room. She adds, “But I flourished in every scenario, and SURVIVOR will be another platform for my tenacity and personality to show.”

Know About Maryanne Oketch Parents And Boyfriend

Maryanne Oketch’s parents are from Kenya. However, she has not mentioned their name. From her cast profile on CBS, we know that her mum is her hero.

Her mother was the youngest of five children born into poverty in a Kenyan community and is a dedicated worker who worked her way out of poverty to become a doctor in Kenya and provide for her mother.

Oketch’s mother then gave up everything to support Oketch’s father’s ambitions but went on to become a doctor in Canada despite raising three small children and battling systematic prejudice in academia. Maryanne also adds “My mother made so many sacrifices and worked so hard to provide a better life for her family, and she never wavered from her goals. I wish I could be like her. She had a profound impact on my life.”

Survivor 42 cast Maryanne Oketch has not shared any information about her boyfriend till now. 

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