Was Meatloaf A Trump Supporter? Political Party, Was He A Republican?

Was Meatloaf A Trump Supporter? Political Party, Was He A Republican?

Meatloaf’s relationship with Trump and his daughter suggests that he was a Trump supporter. The singer recently passed away due to Covid.

Meatloaf aka Michael Lee Aday was an American singer and an actor. His wide-ranging powerful voice set him apart from everyone. The singer, however, was mostly known for his hit album ‘Ball Out Of Hell’ which made him a luminary name in the musical world. 

The singer’s demise at the age of 74 has shaken the entire showbiz industry along with his well-wishers. However, his political views and relationship with Donald Trump have again revisited the headlines today. Let’s dig in deep to get the answers.

Was Meatloaf A Trump Supporter?

Meatloaf had a brief relationship with Donald Trump during 2011. All thanks to his appearance in ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ show. The rockstar himself admitted that the two hung out a few times and had dinners together. None of the cast members had that relationship with Donald Trump. 

Due to this relationship, there had been news about Meatloaf being a trump supporter. However, it is said that it was only a brief friendship and both of them went on with their own lives where they rarely met.

An acquaintance or a friendship cannot be linked with being someone’s political supporter. Hence, we cannot say if the late musician supported the 45th US prime minister or not.

Was Meatloaf A Republican? Political Party

No, Meatloaf was not a republican. His relationship with Trump during his Celebrity Apprentice days got him misunderstood to new levels around Trump’s presidency. USAToday published an article stating him as a republican.  

Post the news, Meatloaf did lose a few gigs here and there. Anywho, he clarified it later saying, he does not follow any political party as such. He is neither left nor right and the article was irresponsible and baseless. 

Even though Aday and Trump were good friends at one point in time, he never supported him or the party. Instead, he calls himself neutral.

Meatloaf Death Due To Covid

The singer passed away on 20th January 2022 at the age of 74 after battling Covid 19. Tributes have been flowing in for him all over the internet. Social media has him trending and condolences messages for his near one can be found everywhere.

He had to attend a business dinner on Thursday. However, it had to get canceled because of his health condition; he was severely ill suffering from Covid. The illness quickly took his life.

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Last Modified: January 21, 2022

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