Who Is Melanie Parker? Will Smith Girlfriend: Age & Wiki – Where is She Now?

Who Is Melanie Parker? Will Smith Girlfriend: Age & Wiki – Where is She Now?

Who is Melanie Parker? To know all about one of Will Smith’s former girlfriends, keep reading.

Melanie Parker is best known as the former girlfriend of Will Smith.

The Men In Black actor disclosed about her in his 2021 memoir. Recently, he became the major talk among the people after his Instagram post on his daughter Willow’s profile picture.

Who Is Melanie Parker?  

Melaine Parker is the former lover of Will Smith, an American rapper, actor, and producer with four Grammys.

After all these years, in 2021, he had some revelations of their relationship in his memoir released on 9th November. According to it, he was deeply and totally in love with her. He further added that she was the center of his life from the day he met her at Overbrook High School. 

Even though Melaine never revealed much about herself, the memoir did disclose some things about her. It says that she was beautiful with a beguiling mixture of insecurity and quirkiness, surrounding a simmering core of artistic brilliance. It also said that she had a troubling childhood.

Her mother murdered her father and was in prison, leading her to live with her aunt in Philadelphia. However, she and her aunt fought, and she got kicked out as a result. Will, however, convinced his parents to take her in as he feared her possible departure to Minneapolis for foster care.

Will’s parents agreed and allowed her to stay in a basement with the prohibition of sex. They broke the rules three months into their relationship, and Will’s mother caught them being intimate in the kitchen. After that incident, Melaine went back to her aunt.

Melanie Parker Instagram 

As for Melaine Parker’s social media presence, she doesn’t seem to be active on platforms like Instagram.

Either she doesn’t use the services at all or uses them with some other alias remains unknown. 

Where Is Melanie Parker Now?

Melaine Parker was once a valuable part of Will Smith’s life. At present, there isn’t much known about her whereabouts as she keeps a low profile and remains out of the spotlight.

16-year-old Will fell in love with her and was ready to spend the rest of his life together. However, the wish never came true as he found out about his girlfriend’s unfaithfulness after his return from a two-week tour.

With that, the actor turned to homeopathic remedies and rampant sexual intercourse. He even broke one of Melaine’s windows, hitting it with a fire poker. Nonetheless, the two did reconcile but never overcame the infidelity. They broke one last time, filled with anger and resentment.

Seeking revenge, Will collected every item he had gifted her and burned them in front of her after a night out.

In his 2021 memoir, he said that he tried to reach Melanie on several occasions over the years. However, the attempts didn’t bear any fruit. He even confessed that he never saw and spoke to her after the final break-up.